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i have my general error it not an scripts error
folder called regsvr.exe which resides in windows and also
it is running behind when when ever i start my system. i
thought i would be a virus ,but i gone with many antivirus
that never shows me any error. i not able to delete the

i have my general error it not an scripts error folder called regsvr.exe which resides in windows a..

Answer / stallone

it's a virus and it's very harmful and with this process
running you can notify frm task mgr tat ur cpu usage runs
100% and ur system'll be slower.................


first end the process with task manager

goto folder options--->view--> select show all then--->
uncheck the hide extension for known......... ,hide
protected system files ,

now goto c: d: e:..... partitioned drives u can find the
folder containing the virus name ........

just delete it dude !!!!!!!

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