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BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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when will be declared sbi clerical final results which interviews held in april,2010????

State Bank Of India SBI,

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Please send me the question papers of different banks.


Hey did anybody saw website they had given a clarification regarding clerical result in recruitment area, they had given that it will take more six weeks of time to give the result

State Bank Of India SBI,

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I want to know the qualifing marks for Indian bank clerical exam held on 22-8-2010... as per the notification it is said that the mininum passing marks will be decided by bank but I want to know the common passing marks digits for indian bank... i.e. for 80 marks in reasoning and apetitude how much we should get in exam to pass, in same way, out of 40 marks in clerical how much we must get to pass and also qualifing marks for english and descriptive test?... Plz inform me,if any one knowns its, I will be thank ful to them...

Corporation Bank, Indian Bank, SBM,

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am preparing Railways Recruitment board ECRC, Goods Guard Exam. Previous or Model Exam papers please send my e-mail id:

RRB, Syndicate Bank,

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Hi friends, Any news about when Bank of baroda clerical result will be announced?Plz Answer

Bank of Baroda, XA,

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Hi, I have written SBI Clerical Exam from Bangalore (Karnataka Circle) and have faced the interview as well from Bangalore. But now I have moved to Gurgaon (Haryana), Can I join SBI, if the result is positive... Pls. clarify....

State Bank Of India SBI,

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Hi Greetings for those who selected for Bank of Baroda clerk, please join and share your interview experience here.

REEE, State Bank Of India SBI,

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hi I have done Btech..currently working in IT clerical job or MNC job is better to do ....

State Bank Of India SBI,


i want to know sbi clerk salary

State Bank Of India SBI,


i am commrce student please tell me whats question arise in the interview

Bank Of India,


1. What is technical writing for you? 2. What are the basic elements of technical writing?


those who got selected for syndicate bank clerks plz share your views and previous interview experiences if you have any

Syndicate Bank,

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hai.. i did bsc electronics and then mba mktg& hr. i attended for sbi clerical interveiw on april 30 th 2010. i am waiting for the results. how will my chances be? is these qualifications are drawback for me in selection procedure?

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If we r selected as clerk in SBI when will be joining date?


aLL SBI Aspirants from UTTARAKHAND share your views to help each other here.


Why less people are applying in govt jobs


why do you want to joint banking sector?




anyone attended the interview in bangalore at basavangudi? how was the verfication process?what questions they r asking?what certficates we have to take?


what is the pattern for lic ado exam?


guys on which basis are they alloting interview dates.... MERIT or Reg num or Roll num........


What is the biodataform that we have to fill for the sbi interview, is it the same resume? if not same as resume plz tell me where do i get this.


sir plz send me previous 5 years questions papers of bank of india clerical on my emailid->


does any bodyyyy know the actual date ,,when the sbi clerical result will be declared???????/


in sbi clerk exam conducted on jan 23rd 2011 asked a question in general awareness. Question is "somdeverman related to " and given five options, What are the five options? if any one knows please tell urgently Thank you


Anybody who wud hv applied for Vijaya Bank Probationary clerical exam, did receive the Hall ticket?? The written exam is on 7th Feb right????


I have finally been selected for Punjab National Bank Clerical Grade for Delhi State and want to know from where I should get medical done (any qualified MBBS will do or it should be from govt. hospital)


i have cleared aptitude test in repco foundation. Now gonna attend my interview on 20.03.2012 .Can u tell me what kind of questions will be asked in the interview.