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General Science Interview Questions
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A mixture of water and alcohol can be separated by 1 Filtration 2 Evaporation 3 Distillation 4 Decantation


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A substance which changes readily into vapor without heating is called 1 Efflorescent 2 Synthetic 3 Volatile 4 Effervescent


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Catalytic properties of a substance may be best defined as a phenomenon of 1 Absorption 2 Chemisorption 3 Adsorption 4 None of these

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In which of the following processes light energy is converted into chemical energy? 1 Respiration 2 Fermentation 3 Photosynthesis 4 Photoresiration

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Cooking oil can be converted into vegetables ghee by the process of 1 Oxidation 2 Hydrogenation 3 Distillation 4 Crystallization


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Photosynthesis is 1 An exothermic process 2 An endothermic process 3 A neutral process 4 A thermostatic process

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Which of the following substances exhibit the property of sublimation? 1 Ice 2 Wax 3 Camphor 4 Ethyl alcohol


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The hydrogenation of the vegetables oils takes place in the presence of finely divided 1 Aluminium 2 Charcoal 3 Silica 4 Nickel

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Combustion is the process in which 1 Heat is produced 2 Light is produced 3 Heat and light are produced 4 None of these

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The chemical used as a ‘fixer’ in photography is 1 Borax 2 Sodium thiosulphate 3 Sodium sulphate 4 Ammonium persulphate


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A mixture of iron filings and sand can be separated by 1 Heating 2 Sublimation 3 Hand picking 4 Magnetic separation

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In which of the following processes, is vanadium pent oxide used as a catalyst? 1 Contact process 2 Haber’s process 3 Solvay process 4 None of these

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Conversion of a substance directly from solid to vapour state is known as 1 Ionization 2 Evaporation 3 Vapourisation 4 Sublimation

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The rate of chemical reaction does not depend upon 1 Concentration 2 Catalyst 3 Temperature 4 Pressure

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Which of the following is a chemical change? 1 Magnetization of iron 2 Melting of ice 3 Burning of sulphur 4 Melting of wax

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