Un-Answered Questions { GATE }

why is it important to take m.e mechanical?is our l;ife make happier than other b.e courses only answer no comments


Discussion Topic: “Statutory Defintions” Discussion Questions: Q1 Is it correct that a loan or an advance by a private limited company to a shareholder of the company is considered as payment of dividend? Explain your views. Q2 Will a loan or advance by a private limited company to its holding company be considered as payment of dividend if the subsidiary possesses sufficient amount of accumulated profits?


a guy hired 5 men to work on a project and they completed the job in 13 days. IF, on the 4th day, 2 men resigned, then how long would they complete the job?


how to resize the components?


What is the differents between the Physics & technical Physics


what is the difference between interface and abstract class


what is monetary policy


REPO Structure and terminology


I have cleared sbi clerk and have interview in 26/04/2010.But I am M.Ed & B.Ed,i want to u know my answed about not chose the teaching post


can u explain me the way to know the relation between the active as well as the reactive power acting on an electical machine under the under excitation as well as over excitation mode


could u send me the model papers for drug inspector exam at imrupinder@gmail.com


richman keeps in pocket poor man throws and kids eat me am an english word P-U--E--L


can i have the model papers for gate along with answers on my email id krish231191@gmail.com please???


c program to compare the initial portions of the two strings and return the matched portion if matches, otherwise return the empty string.


what is theaverage weight of one brick?