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ETL Interview Questions
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What are the new features of informatica 9 version?

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What is Relational Integrity?

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working of line item dimension......pls,tell overall flow

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If you concatenate data from a normalizer transformation,the ports you concatenate cannot include OCCURS(T/F).

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How to Check the source record count from traget table.


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how to load the data to fact table?


Can anyone explain me a scenario from banking and finance...more precisely a mapping



How to load Session Statistics (Workflow name, TgtRows, Rejected Rows, SessStartTime,SessEndTime..)into a database table ?? Another Question: I want to pass values from oracle table or Flat file in Mapping parameter/Variable.. What is the method for that..Please provide me the solution step by step

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give detail on the sales project how many number of dimensions & fact tables are used in projec briefly. how the four fact tables taken in the project.



1. if lookup tr is giving poor performamence. what u do. 2. i have emp,dept table. i want output ename,empno,dname,max(sal). 3. can any one tell me project flow in real time scenario. please send me mail any queries and answers my mail id is

HCL, iGate,

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What is the main difference between peek stage and copy stage

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Hi please try to reply with answer. my mail id is if the source is having millions of records, but having theree target tables. As per user the first record need to insert into first target and second record in to a second target and third into third target, similarly the process needs to repeat?

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Knowledge on what are the improtant characteristice that we need ot consider while developing an ETL Code


diff b/w dwh & data mart diff b/w star schema & snow flake schema diff b/w fact table & dimension table what are the contents in requirement specification what are the docs needed for testing draw ur proj architecture



indatastage 8.1 surrgoate key generates seqences numbers write but there is limite value i want to reset the seqence after gettting some highest value like i want o/p like this 1 2 3 4 5 .............10000 1 2 3.........10000


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Can anyone explain me a scenario from banking and finance...more precisely a mapping


How to recover a workflow? What are the different approaches?( In prod i.e no access to modify)


what is granularity in Data ware House?


What is a staging area? What is the purpose of a staging area?


Identifying the bottlenecks in various components of Informatica and resolving them.


Explain me ETL project architecture in Detail?


What are three tier systems in etl?


what is the difference steps for data modeling?


How many types of transformations supported by sorted input?


what is the main role of FI on business


how would u estimate the size of Aggregator transform data and index cache?


two sources S1,S2 containing measures M1,M2,M3, 4 dimensions D1,D2,D3,D4, 1 Fact F1 containing measures M1,M2,M3 and surrogate keys K1,K2,K3,K4 (a) write a sql statement to populate Fact table F1 (b) Design a mapping in Informatica for loading of fact table F1.


Hi, I've a mapping with flat file source The target update override property for the target table is using update stmt. There is no update strategy between source and target. Also The session has the target properties as Insert , Update as update options checked. Does this mean that recs will be inserted only and the update override will not be applied at all. Thanks


what is the use of structures?how many nodes can u create in a structure?


what are the production issues in datastage?