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explian about the qtp frame work? where u can use it in your project?

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take one example and write vbscript on one web application in qtp? explian descriptive programe with one example?


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how to write vbscript on web applications in qtp. explian with one example?


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I want to do Certification course in QTP. For this I request you to suggest the best Tutorial in PDF format. Hence, if possible, kinldy mail PDF file to my mail-ID: sushmapokhriyal79@gmail.com


i am new to qtp i do not know how to write script how to write the code to login if it fails how to able error messages


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What are the points to be taken into consideration while doing desktop testing?

Cap Gemini,

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hi i am new to qtp i need to run all files by a batch what is the procedure and what are following actions to be take?


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Hi we are running tests remotely from quality center and pushing tests into qtp boxes remotely, and it does execution but while uploading results back into quality center it hangs in qtp box.If any one come across similar problem, please send me details how to handle this. Thanks kris


Hi Friends... By using QTP , can we test .net products...and that product supports different languages.. thanx in advance..

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Hi Friends... What you are doing in Regression Testing and how many test cases you ran in regression testing... suppose there is 1000 test cases is there how many test cases again you run .. 1000 test caes r how many... thanx in advance..

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While testing .net applications with QTP 9.1 in normal recording mode, QTP records my unintentional mouse clicks and window dragging which I don't want. But I can't stop QTP recording those mouse clicks and window dragging. Can somebody let me know how I can get rid of it, please ! Thanks.

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If there r 1000 test scripts that were written. If a change to any functionality is to be made then how can we know in which script is this functionality existing.


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In a shared Object Repository in QTP if some object is changed how can the other script which is using the same object can be known


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Today only i joined in this site. Can u please tell me definition of parameterization. and how i can do the parameterization?

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i don't have any experience in qtp? Can u please tell me What work i have to do?

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what is error and fault in terms of software quality?


How to automate a script in mainframes environment? I have the terminal emulator Add in. Describe in detail.


How would you directly trigger javascript in a test?


how do u plan test automation?


How can i check items sorted or not in a weblist ? Give me the script for this...


What are the major/ important methods, functions in QTP we use realtime testing


if our qtp vb Script may be Currepted then What we want do?


if numbers are always changing write a script for that


Hi All, How to get repeated word in string . Thanks Balaji


In an interview, what r the general questions asked in SQL which is realted to testing ?pls give me anwser to this question?


Hi, is it possible for recording shortcut key during record session? The application on which I am working is web based application. This application has several shortcut key associated with menu option. I have succesfully recorded all menu option but unable to record shortcut key.


Generic function to search for the unique link in webtable and click on it


While spliting an action in QTP 10.0 getting an error : "This Line is a part of Script Block.You cannot split the action on this line." how to re-solve this and split the script into actions?


How to sendKeys in QTP? Diff b/w sendkeys and device replay? Diff b/w function and Sub? Diff b/w Array and List Different Types of running Keys other than Fast, slow,Normal mode Regular expression for http://newtours.demoaut.com Difference between \w and \W How to generate script button Recording Types Different Types of Actions? Using DP performance degrades, If Yes why? How to close all the opened browsers? Diff b/w SystemUtil.Run and invoke application? If qtp not recognized the combo box How to select values from drop down?


I need Major Help with a Script I recorded in QTP 9.5. I am recording scripts for a Web-based application(s) I have all the URLs for each application in Excel spreadhsheet so that QTP can pull that particular application from the spreadsheet and run it. The problem is QTP isn't recognizing one particular URL so when I hit run in QTP to run this script it opens the internet Explorer but isn't open the URL I have in the Excel spreadsheet. I've retyped the URL and still QTP won't open this Particular one for some reason. The site its self is working fine but for whatever reason QTP won't open it. How do I resolve this? I have a deadline of next Friday the 7th to complete this task so please help me in any way you can. Thanks in advance