QTP Interview Questions
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what is L-trim function will do?

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In website, protocol has been changed http:to https what you will do? tell me your approach?

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what frame work you are following?



How to load the object repository at run time?

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whow much strong on VB and C?



How to compare the two strings?

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what is the silent mode in WR?

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Have you worked with QC?



Have you used TD?

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What is difference between QC and TD?

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What is the QTP test frame work?


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Definationions for keyword view and tree view?

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what is smart identification?

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What is object repository?

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What is your role and responsibilities in QTP with your current organization?


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Explain about datafile/verification of date file when file is not available in local system?


Hi, My name is kishan. I have good Conceptual Knowledge on QTP. In order to Boost up my Confidence Level, I want to do a Project oriented Training only on QTP in Hyderabad. Kindly Let me know which is the Best QTP Project Training Institute in Hyderabad. Thanks in Advance kishan


HOW AUTOMATE TEST SCRIPT ? what time it will do? after gneration of basic script or Any , Plz explain detailed?


Can any one tell me how to write a script for selecting open option in File menu of A word document.here you have to add objects to OR.try like that and give me the ans.i asked this question to so many but no one knows.if any one know the answer plz let me know


What is Port testing. Whhen will you perform?


Limitations in QTP?


is there any addin for remedy user application


we add library file used in test via settings or through "ExecuteFile" command. when we implement framework do we make common library file and load the same for all the test cases execution?


Hi I know two types of testing processes. 1. Reaquirments stage,test design,code review's, Design review's, Test Plan, Test Cases design, test execution, Defect Reporting and tracking, UAT, Signoff. 2.Test Initiation , Test Plan, Test Design, Execution,Bug tracking, UAT, Sign off.


Hi. I have completed B.TECH(CS) , But I will go to "SECURITY CONSOLE OPERATING" [C.C CAMERA abservation]. IF interviwer asks " Why you choose this job ?" What we will say? urgent.........................urgent...........


how to know no.of mails in our g mail by using vb-script


Hi frnds, does anybody know if there is anything called "thin point" or something in qtp? thanks in advance.


i need qtp tutorial. pls send it to sridhar.k151@g mail.com


How to create scenario selector


When Recovery scenario actually starts while testing the application?