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In our application (Web based application)we will get a pdf file and we have check a particular text in that pdf. Can any one tell how to check text in a pdf file. In the same pdf file it generating some links and I have to click that links. QTP unable recognizing that links, even id did record and playback qtp does not generating any script. Can any one help me….?

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I have a Webedit object. some text is entered in that object I want to know the font sixe of that text.How could I do this using QTP? This is a requirement for me. I am happy if any one help on this


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what is Defect density, defect leakage, defect age,latentbed,yasid testing, interface


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Interviwer asked, How many years exper.. on QTP? I said, total 2 yrs exp in manual and QTP. QTP only current project arround 3 months. then interviewer ask , HOW BOLD YOU QTP? What you say?

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Can u explain about QTP framework


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what is recovery scenario in QTP? what is the need of the recovery scenario in QTP? what are the advantages of the recovery scenarios in QTP?


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What is output value in QTP? Why do we use the output value in QTP?How many types of output values are there in QTP? what are their respective usage in QTP?


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Can u Reduce the size of Object repository? What are the problems u have faced in Qtp tool?


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plz anybody tell me how to explain the architecture of one particular project.plz give me answer for this.....RAJESH

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action contains public and private functions but do we resuable that action or not..If it is reusable How..plz tell me the ans



I am a beginner plz tell me,how do we write scripts in QTP? In my opinion we can write scipts in expert view or there is another option where we can write scripts. plz tell me.

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if there r 10 windows open in QTP write a command to close all 10 windows at a time ?


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if i have 10 actions and out of 10 actions last 3 actions i renamed will my script exicute sucesfuly r not? changed actions where i can see?

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How we can do Batch testing in QTP?


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how we can do web browser using parametarisation in QTP ?

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what is the difference betn QTP 8.0 AND PREVIOUS VERSION


How to create a standard checkpoint ?


What are the types of object repository?


your coming from electrical backgroung..but y ur coming to software side?


How to creating an output value using quicktest professional (qtp)?


How to save your test using quicktest professional?


what is the diffrence bw qtp architectute and qtp framework?


hi, can u tell me the QTP TEsting process in present real time companies?(beware of this... now a days Recording is not using,, only DP) and don't tell note book answers like step 1 spep2....like this .......post answer with professional skills in simple english words) thank u


what is the hierarchy to use properties in descriptive programming


How to test background color and dynamic images during run time can you put the check point for moving objects?


How many types of recording modes are there?


What are the different types of recording modes in qtp? Which will be used when?


when u script reveiwing in which area u more concentrates?


i am new QTP... please tell me automation frameworks , types & for whiich type of applications frameworks are used & how to generate script in keyword driven framework


I used child objects to get the no of weblist present in the weblist.now i need to select the items present in each weblist ?How to do so