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QTP Interview Questions
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how to record a word doc using qtp i.e open a word doc,type something and save the doc can someone send me the code.

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I am just a beginner in QTP. Could any one explain me in detail how to automate adding two numbers and getting the result in QTP. Also I would like to parameterize the inputs. I have tried but getting an error like 'Can't use sub.....'(can't recollect the exact error)

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Can any one explain me what is the procedure to connect the remote desk by using QTP 9.2 ?



3.How to record a word doc using qtp i.e open a word doc,type something and save the doc can someone send me the code.

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4. How u will open the build automatically in QTP except using command

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How to capture dynamic values in load runner and how Each of the captured values are to be written to a text file (c:\temp\LoadRunner1.txt)



What exactly is the difference among all the three recording modes.


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What is Environment Variable and when we apply this in QTP?


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does test plan is in test strategy or test strategy is in test plan.

Microsoft, TCS,

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what are the metrics in general we use in testing.


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how we connect oracle or sql data server database to qtp.


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Could any one explain about the nested actions in QTP? This question is asked by Qualitree and CA

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IS standard check point is very important than the other check points in QTP? If so why?

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What is the difference between Functions and Action ?

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for example one window is there, the window contains how many edit box's i want script? i know the script but that is not exact answer.... The script is like this .......... set a=description.creation() a("Native class")="WinEdit" b=window("Flight Reservation").childobject(a).count msgbox b if u found exact answer please getback to me? 9823257761

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How to use debug tools?


What are some test assets and related extensions of qtp?


How is UFT 11.5 version different from UFT 12.0?


Hi All, we are using QTP Automation Scripts to test SAP. I recorded QTP Automation Scripts in English-based SAP GUI. Now we have to test a French-based SAP sytem and use the same scripts. The QTP scripts are failing when executed on the French-based SAP System due to Object Recognition Issues. What can we do? Do I re-record the scripts in the French-based SAP system?


Explain the types of properties that quick test learns while recording?


What are the views available in quicktest professional (qtp)?


What is QTP’s model for test creation?


How many types of parameters are available in quicktest professional?


Is text area check point supports for web applications?


X flies from Hyd to bangalore using different methods of transportation. write the test scenarios and test cases for this?


What are the steps involved in recovery scenario wizard?


How to add synchronisation points in qtp?


Describe function procedure in vbscript.


I want two test two agents login for the flight website. Here is the scenario: I want to go through 1-3 rows for one user login and other user login I want to go though 3-5 rows. How would you set this up in qtp. Thank You


Explain advantages and disadvantages of ddf?