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wht is Manual Testing Frame work. Pls anybody can give appropriate answers



wht is Driver in Integration testing. Anubody can answers it


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What is the extension of 'Log file' in QTP

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By using QTP can we record any log files written by the application which is in execution?

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What is .Ini file in QTP?

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What frame work ur using in QTP in ur current company?


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It is regarding VBScript, how to export our function results to ExcelSheet through VBscripting. Ex: I have written add function, that result should export to Excel.

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pls tell me how will you write the vb script in QTP for DataDriven test from Excel sheet for multiple userid and password explain with example

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While creating Recovery Scenario for Pop-up window..In 'Recovery operation' we have to call a function. Can u tell me that function.

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Hi can anyone pls suggest how to fetch username(system login name)and system name in to qtp.I am not using TD or QC.Thx

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Is it possible to test Flat file using QTP? I have two file- first file is Input file and second file is output file. Input file has Format like first 2 field is record type, next 10 field is Description. Output file also has format. I want to check this file format using QTP. Is it possible?? please reply with example.


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which checkpoint we use to validate yahoo login screen window after login with ur id and password in qtp


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I am executing a batchfile.In one script on one Button i have inserted a checkpoint.It is in a loop,my checkpoint is going to fail sometimes.That failed results only I have to log in a file.How it's possible...pls give the solution for this?


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i ve an excel in a QC folder. Thru my QTP script i want to open that excel in runtime. I am running this script from QC itself


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wht type of User defined functions or Java Releated functions Do we write in VB scripting


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How often were they executed?


QTP script is not working on other's machine..


We stored into the objects OR and then write the scripting


I have 5 save buttons in 5 tabs . The tabs are placed one after the other. My object repository have these added as 5 save buttons with name sav1, save 2, save 3 , save 4, save 5 .all are getting highlighted from OR but they are not getting clicked. After spying each button all the properties are same except First button Index 0 html id:=btnSaveTab1 outerhtml:=", Second button "html id:=btnSave "outerhtml:=", Third button "html id:=", outerhtml:=",


How to check feasibility of the appliction?in automation testing?


Can we access the java methods in qtp. Because my requirement is to access the swt(for eclipse an it is java code) methods in qtp is it possible?


If a button named "CLICK" is recorded in low level recording mode , what will be the values stored for "name" property of that button in object repository ?


How can you write the scripts that operate on different objects depending on run-time information?


I am trying to install QTP 9.5 but i am getting error message saying that ("Path is \QuickTest Professional\bin\vb_init.exe") vb_init.exe file is not find. can anybody give me the advise what to do ?


Hi all Can u give me the link where we can download full version of qtp my mail id is karthic.venkitapathi@gmail.com


How would you directly trigger javascript in a test?


what is the difference between data driver & data driven and driver script?


How to create runtime property for an object?


if there is a web table of having row and colmns.a button is placed at 2nd row's 3rd column which is worked for both edit and delete..how to write script for the button to test both operation on the web table using desriptive programing.. plz help me on script wheather using getroproperty Q2)what is the command for taking valiue from a web table in qtp


How should I click on the right click menu objects When I trying to add the object properties to the OR.It is showing only Window(Window).Not all the objects of the window. Also while recording I found No script. How to solve this>.