QTP Interview Questions
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Explain about Standard output value, Text output value, database o/p value, Xml O/p value, Xm o/p Value


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Suppose u write test case in Excel sheet . how u open that test case in Test Director?

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Are u place all QTP Framework folders in VSS?


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Plz send one Tracebilitymatrix example? Anybody working on Realtime QTP Plz give contact deatils?

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What are the drawbacks of QTP?

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Which object model is not supported by QTP? a)COM b)DECOM c)DOM d)DCOM. Pls explain about theese object models?

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What is creation time property and how does it work?

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How to parameterize Object Repository?

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How will u declare a variable to access multiple actions? a)Dim b)Global c)Public d)Private

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How can we call Winrunner functions from QTP?

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Where are the snapshots stored?

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What are associated files in QTP?

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How to capture screenshots of Exceptions/Errors during run- time?

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What are the parameters provided by QTP?

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Please give me the steps to carry out datadriven in QTP8.2

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wt is the use of multiple questions in QTP


In the application that I'm testing is having a WYSIWIYG editor.QTP is recording editor's body as web element. I want to add some data to this web Element at run time. The problem is that I cant find a method to add contents to this web Element. Can any one come up with an answer for this. Thankx.


How can we conduct U-I Testing by using QTP??????


i am looking job in perfomance testing using Loadrunner any one help me a project plz......?(Chandana) chs_29@rediffmail.com


What are the Test design techniques you uses in ur project?


What is throw object?


Hi, is it possible for recording shortcut key during record session? The application on which I am working is web based application. This application has several shortcut key associated with menu option. I have succesfully recorded all menu option but unable to record shortcut key.


I want to know what are QTP functons and what are VB script functions. What is the difference between them.When we have to use these functions.


what difference between runtime object and text object and what property they have. whether they have same properties or different properties.


How can i initiate the objects to find uniquely in OR


what is keyword driven testing in qtp?n how is it useful?


How would you directly trigger javascript in a test?


In keyward driven framework what will be the step for yahoo login page ,inbox logout,plz explain in detail


how did u use automating testing tools in ur job?


who QTP recognizes the object stored in object repository?