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In QTP TEST DIRECTOR COMBINATION WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF TEST DIRECTOR? In Somebody says to store test cases and design test cases.?ok fine , but In test director 5.0 , QTp not launching. what u do?


Plz explain about InTERNAl Environment variable, External environment variable,builtin environment variables with examples?


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Plz explain about object propeties in object identification? means.. explain about 1. mandatory properties.2. assestive properties 3. ordinal properties.


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In smart identification, explain about 1. Base filter properties 2. optional filter properties with examples?


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hi Sudhananda reddy, in my resume, i written as , I Am working as a Test Engineer for xyz company. IS IT RIGHT OR WRONG? WHAT IS THE ACTUAL meaning of "IN XYZ COMPANY", "FOR XYZ COMPANY", "WITH XYZ COMPANY".

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how can i prepare for QTP(8.2) to face interview ? give over view details?

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Hi,Sudhanandareddy plz forword framework and ppts for QTP to me. This is my mail id: ranjith_99reddy@yahoo.co.in (your contact number also)


How u prepare Test result summary in QTp?


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How u send bugs to dev'lpment team all at once or one by one or waht is the process?


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In Manual testing , can u prpare bug report in TD?


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If u prepare bug report in Excel sheet . Is it possible to send thrw Test director? how it is?


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In QTP , Test Director combination . what is the role of Test Director? How QTP Launching QTP in T.D ? If it is Winrunner possible. but QTP How it is possible?


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Plz explain about Virtual object? What is the situation u r using , explain with example?

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If enter into interviewer room? how u introduce with him. with shakehand or waht?

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What u say as experience(Interview) "TELL ME ABOUT UR SELf"? As a Fresher(interview) What u Say?


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If u r using library files (Instead of Check Points) , How do u do bitmap check ?


Approach for Installation,comaptibility,system testing


i can done the project with QTP in that time i can say how many members in my team size?


your coming from electrical backgroung..but y ur coming to software side?


What will be happen if i load object repository at run time, but it has already associated.


What is the limitations of BVA?


what is review


how to write the descriptive programming in QTP for remove the object value and substitute, with a variable then call the validation from excel


Which functionalities of QTP used in banking project? pls any say answer?


Hi I am new to QTP. can u please answer to my qus... suppose 3 excel sheets are there * we are trying to check for login credentials for a page. userid from excel1 , password is from excel2 whether the page is opened or not that checkpoint is result is should be stored in excel 3.... this qus i have faced in IBM technical round... please tell script for above query ... please please


I recorded a Web App with a Oracle backend using QTP 9.5 and for some reason the scripts don't play back> What am I missing at this point. I recorded the same Apps under Sybase and they work great. This is Oracle 10g. Why won't my scripts play back.


what frame work you are following?


Thanks....But can u tell me how i use the QTP for GIS with one Example...


How to run an integrated test scenario using Multiple Actions? How to use the QTP Step Generator?


Where is the Bitmap checkpoint information stored?