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wht is the difference betn check point and output value?


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assume i have few url link how will i dynamically call then using descriptive programming?



the question was on what techonlogy u been working on i said VB then he asked me the addin for VB in Qtp?


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I'm facing this problem while automating my application..its a web based apps.. In my application there are few webtables are displaying in the page.In the different cells there are links and action buttons.Problem is there is link in different web tables corresponding to one name.Hence the properties of the objects(say a link) are same except the x,y co ordinate of the object.So my script is not able to distinguish between the two links present in different cells of web tables with same name.Kindly help on this..

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what is supply chain management?

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what is tool interface?

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what is memory leakage?

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what is profile tool?

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what is object repository size?

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Any one knows about descriptive programming to identify objects in a page? Kindly drop me mail prasanna.sabat@gmail.com

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can somebody send the script to write a multiplication table in notepad through qtp


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what are the different Frame Works in Quick Test Proffessional testing


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what are the different Frame Works in Quick Test Proffessional testing


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QTP script is not working on other's machine..


i can done the project with QTP in that time i can say how many members in my team size?


can any one please tell me which is the best institute in Bangalore to learn QA (crash course)? Thanks


Can any body please tell me the steps of keyword driven framework of QTP.


What are metrics and matrix?


Hi all can any one give me roles and responsibilities for QTP (not WINRUNNER)


i am a begnner so am learning Error handling :tried using Recovery manager didnt work i want to be able to handle errors , e.g. if while running the test the folwoing does not show up then how can i use the If then else and goto next step in the test, as in many scenarios it does not show up Browser("The Shopping Channel -").Page("The Shopping Channel -_8").Image("easy pay").Click


How can you write the scripts that operate on different objects depending on run-time information?


How many test scenarios you have automated? How many time it will take to execute 30-40 scenarios? What SDLC model you are following? How often you will execute your test scripts? Because of some changes, your test scripts failed? When you will update your test scripts? How much time it will take to update? Do you know how to connect database? Do you know the direct method to count no. of records (or) rows present in record set once query is executed? How will you create the connection string? How did you resolve conflicts present in Object Repository? How good you are in VB? How will you work on Excel Application? How will you select Excel sheet? If you want to select 10 sheets, will you create 10 separate objects? Given string is “abcd”. What are the methods you will use to display “dcba”? Drives script – explain the frameworks? How you are updating results for each test? What is start up, configuration, navigation scripts? If you are not able to understand the application (some module), who will teach you? What test cases to be automated? When to be automated? What is the testing process you are following? What life cycle you are following? When you will use Descriptive Programming? Do you have the permission to add objects into shared object repository? (OR) someone will maintain SOR? Do you know how to add objects into shared object repository? How many test cases you have automated? How much time will it take to execute? What is complex in automation? When you feel automation is complex? Tell me one scenario, the complex functionality you have automated in your project? Excel sheet having some datas and some datas present in the application (in table). How will you compare these two datas? Write code to fetch datas from Excel sheet. Rate yourself in SQL? Display the employee name who is getting maximum salary? sal ID Salary name 001 100 002 500 003 300 ID 001 002 003 Ename A B C Have you written any test cases while you are in Automation? Manual Testing also will you do or you will work only in automation?


Does QTP have any limitations?Can it work with all kinds of programming languages like java,springs,ajax ,hybernet?Also does it work well with windows 7.What are its other limitations


Should have experience in framework means?


Dis advantages of XML checkpoint ?


descriptive program for a yahoo mail that is in yahoo mail suppose check box mailid subject assume it is like this format all things are in webtable the question is suppose some mail ids are there in that mailids i want to select the check box wich is before a@gmail.com and after that i want to click on delete button


On what document base Descriptive programming is written if build is not yet ready ?


Can any one brief some detail on how the shared and action object repository utilized/implemented in a real time project. I already know how to make shared object repositor by saving OR as .tsr extension..I wanted the actual concept of implementation...couple of live examples will be highly appreciated. Thanks