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After geting the modules where we generate the script ie in qtp or notpad ?

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Tell me about userdefined functions ?

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In project module it contains 3-ok buttons with same properties who qtp identify its objects while runing ??


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Hello, Can we capture only the labels of the web page in the object repository. If yes, then how. Actually my scenario is: I have to capture all the label of mercury site http://newtours.mercuryinteractive.com/tour/mercurypurchase. php. and want to copy all these labels in the notepad. So,please help me how to do this all. Thanks in advance, Gaytri

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I have thousands of links are there, i want check each and every funtionality of link by using descriptive programme, retrive link name from excelsheet then operate in application. Please anybody send me model script


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is it possible to check the text displayed in the tool tip using QTP? if so, how?

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I am using descriptive programming for my project.when QTP deosn't identity or recognize a object by record and playback method,is it possible to make QTP identify that object using descriptive programming? Note: The object doesn't have unique properties and same properties used in Record and playback are only available, no extra properties are defined.

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If we are record a same web page for 2 times.1st time it is showing 6 objects in the Object Repository and for the 2nd time it is showing like 7 Objects in the Object Repository why it is happening


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How can we open an Excel sheet through the script


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We developed 100 descriptive programms and put in running, in the midle if any descriptive program is stucked with some error? what will happend weather it will execute the remaining prg's or it will terriminate ?


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How can we record an edit box in the Web application ?


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what will be the stmt if record any edit box in the Web application ?


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What is a Web Table?


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What is InStr()


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How can we count the no of rows are available in a data table ?


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How to data driven test for Win objects in QTP ?


How do you handle multiple banners(at the top the page, the banner is scrolling) in a web page(Dont take the name property(regular expression))


What are the automation metrice in your project?


please post the interview questions for QA position in FACTSET


please give me the code for doing retesting of gmail login page using functions so the function has to give the value


Hi Friends, Im planning to do certifcation in mercury Automation Tool QTP.But I Didnt get any clear details regarding course syllabus, fees, where to approach, and which certification would be useful for the experienced testers? can any one send me the details?


How many lines of code in each script of QTP?


i have an external excel datasheet where it only contains 3 rows. after qtp executed the code to import the datasheet, the datatable getrowcount method now gives me a different value, lets say 60,000+ instead of only 3. i did not have any values starting from row 4 of my excel file. why is this happening? this also results to the qtp report to load for a very long time.


1.Qtp suppots Unix& linx or not 2why qtp suppots shell script.


I have enrolled for a QTP course which is a four weekend course.Do you think its a good way to start off learning this tool?What all do i need with me in order to become a pro at using this tool?


banking project description for software tester


What is Curd testing?


Hi All, I need code for how to execute qtp scripts from excell sheet


Hi, My name is kishan. I have good Conceptual Knowledge on QTP. In order to Boost up my Confidence Level, I want to do a Project oriented Training only on QTP in Hyderabad. Kindly Let me know which is the Best QTP Project Training Institute in Hyderabad. Thanks in Advance kishan


what difference between runtime object and text object and what property they have. whether they have same properties or different properties.