QTP Interview Questions
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What is object & properties (in QTP)

Ordain Solutions,

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When a requirement is given to u to automate , What is ur basic approach ?

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Did u use check points during ur work experience ?


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If u r using library files (Instead of Check Points) , How do u do bitmap check ?


How do u fetch data from a database ?

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What is the XML file architecture ?


Tel me what was the automation testing process you followed?

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Can you import and export data from XLS and how?

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Have you performed Debugging and how did you?

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Did you face the problem, changing the properties of an object in Run Time?

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Give a comment on Regular Expressions using QTP?

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When it be decided to go for either Per - Action or Shared?

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What is meant by Pseudo Code?


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Diff. between keyword driven Data driven testing?


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how we will use output values in qtp? is there any possibulity by descriptive programming?

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Please provide specific examples of advanced/creative usage of QTP, including how impact & benefits for your project


what QTP Options do you know?


How to build scripts that access data from external sources?


What is the architecture of your project? Can any one answer for this question plz........


Dear sir, i want to perform a QTP automated testing for mechancial engineering software like msc adams, msc nastran this softwares will help for mechanical engineering design analysis>> i know oad runner win runner, test director, QTp>> but i dont know how to use for automation


1--How many functions u develop 2--What is an array 3-- where is ur server 4--U involved in unit testing 5--how ur test the background colour using QTP


i am trying to automate yatra.com,in that site, when i go to automate the Leaving from field showing as a WEBEDIT, but when i enter 1 or 2 char, it displaying dropdownlist, i try to use keyboard automation to select the item from that list but it is not possible, can anybody help he. Thans for posting the Answer


what could go wrong with test automation?


Hi Friends, How many types of Data Bases available in market... What is the diff. while using Syabase and Oracle in a Project... ? and what is the main diff. of Syabase and Oracle databases... ? Thanx in advance..


What is TOM in QTP?


what is actually contain test report? can anybody post the test report


Which functionalities of QTP used in banking project?


can any one say that where we can download the QTP trail version ??????????


Connect to QC using AOM.


What is file database?