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What is object & properties (in QTP)

Ordain Solutions,

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When a requirement is given to u to automate , What is ur basic approach ?

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Did u use check points during ur work experience ?


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If u r using library files (Instead of Check Points) , How do u do bitmap check ?


How do u fetch data from a database ?

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What is the XML file architecture ?


Tel me what was the automation testing process you followed?

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Can you import and export data from XLS and how?

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Have you performed Debugging and how did you?

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Did you face the problem, changing the properties of an object in Run Time?

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Give a comment on Regular Expressions using QTP?

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When it be decided to go for either Per - Action or Shared?

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What is meant by Pseudo Code?


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Diff. between keyword driven Data driven testing?


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how we will use output values in qtp? is there any possibulity by descriptive programming?

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I need to obtain the parent of an object programatically, so if I have: winButton("aButton") I need to obtain the parent part: window("Window1").Dialog("Dialog1") so I can programatically create a string of the full name of the object to call it with an execute statement in QTP I would like to use something like: part[1] = "window(""Window1"")" part[2] = "dialog(""Dialog1"")" so I can do: exeLine = part[1]&"."&part[2]&"."&"winButton(""aButton"")" Execute exeLine Apart from keeping a record of the window/dialog hierarchy is there a parent or path function/ command Thanks Adrian


give me the code to save all messages of inbox of gmail into a folder and notepad


can i change the runtime properties of an object ? How can i check if a parameter exists in database ?


What is parameter in qtp?


Is it possible to call from one action to another action in qtp?


What are the technologies supported by qtp?


They asked by using qtp recording writing scripting


How to data driven test for Win objects in QTP ?


How to capture a window in QTP?


How QA specialist can identify when programmatic descriptions are useful?


What is a reusable action?


What are the different attribute used with regular expression?


What is checkpoints for quicktest professional?


explain how to write vb script in qtp?when will you write own script?


How to define array in qtp?