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What is object & properties (in QTP)

Ordain Solutions,

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When a requirement is given to u to automate , What is ur basic approach ?

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Did u use check points during ur work experience ?


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If u r using library files (Instead of Check Points) , How do u do bitmap check ?


How do u fetch data from a database ?

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What is the XML file architecture ?


Tel me what was the automation testing process you followed?

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Can you import and export data from XLS and how?

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Have you performed Debugging and how did you?

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Did you face the problem, changing the properties of an object in Run Time?

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Give a comment on Regular Expressions using QTP?

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When it be decided to go for either Per - Action or Shared?

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What is meant by Pseudo Code?


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Diff. between keyword driven Data driven testing?


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how we will use output values in qtp? is there any possibulity by descriptive programming?

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what is clean sweep?


Can any one brief some detail on how the shared and action object repository utilized/implemented in a real time project. I already know how to make shared object repositor by saving OR as .tsr extension..I wanted the actual concept of implementation...couple of live examples will be highly appreciated. Thanks


Could you please any one give code for the following ? Scenario : Suppose a excel file contains 10 records and earch have 5 fields. how can i input this excel file for datadrive wizard ? Please explain


tell me QTP standards ?plz


how to post xml data from QTP scripts to any application?


How to use userdifined environment variables.Once we created in Environment tab which is at File--> Settings-- >Environment-->Userdifined


what is the diff between manual test plan document and automation test plan doc.can u explain indetail.


I am a newbie to QTP / Automation testing. I want to develop a script that creates a data file automatically with proper headings using VBScript in QTP.


i am a begnner so am learning Error handling :tried using Recovery manager didnt work i want to be able to handle errors , e.g. if while running the test the folwoing does not show up then how can i use the If then else and goto next step in the test, as in many scenarios it does not show up Browser("The Shopping Channel -").Page("The Shopping Channel -_8").Image("easy pay").Click


Sql questions to find second max salary and how to use joins


How to automate a script in mainframes environment? I have the terminal emulator Add in. Describe in detail.


Hi all can any one give me roles and responsibilities for QTP (not WINRUNNER)


In an interview, what r the general questions asked in QTP? pls give me anwser to this question?


Can anyone help.i need total excelsheet operations,shortcuts in testing environment from starting onwards....


what is the structure for the data driven framework