QTP Interview Questions
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How to get the column count and column name from the resultset in the database connection program?

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How to Test the mainframe application?(tell me few basic things)

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What is throw object?

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How will you handle the situation when object is not captured during record?

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What kind of errors can b handled in QTP in real time scenario?

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What is smart identification?

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Step 3&4 are repeated until an the object in recognised uniquely.


in how many ways you perform batchtesting?


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What is API

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What is the differnce between action & script

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Synchronozation types in QTP

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What is User defined function in QTP

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How u call functions in QTP Function to calculate the length of characters in a word -

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How you automate testscripts one by one or moduelwise or all at once

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After running scripts how you report results ,there is any specific report form

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if mandatory and Assitive propertys are shows same how will u write skript in QTP window


Why do you create a text checkpoint on a Web application? What is the purpose of the Close method?


what is the difference betn QTP 8.0 AND PREVIOUS VERSION


In QTP TEST DIRECTOR COMBINATION WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF TEST DIRECTOR? In Somebody says to store test cases and design test cases.?ok fine , but In test director 5.0 , QTp not launching. what u do?


How you know that a test case is a regression test case


what is error and fault in terms of software quality?


I used child objects to get the no of weblist present in the weblist.now i need to select the items present in each weblist ?How to do so


I want to write some certification courses, so friends could you guide me? which certification is best and how to write exam and what tutorials need to be studied,what to do first, I am working on automation tool QTP 9.2


i have a doubt can anyone tell me where are scripts stored while using QTP.Tell me the exact procedure takes place in real time?like how we call scripts how to proceed after writing scripts?how scripts are executed etc?i heard some use Qc whether others dont use.so tell me whole procedure for both the things it will be a very big help.as i have interview i want to have whole idea on this.its very urgent.


How to capture a window in QTP?


Hi All, we are using QTP Automation Scripts to test SAP. I recorded QTP Automation Scripts in English-based SAP GUI. Now we have to test a French-based SAP sytem and use the same scripts. The QTP scripts are failing when executed on the French-based SAP System due to Object Recognition Issues. What can we do? Do I re-record the scripts in the French-based SAP system?


when to start the automation?


Write a script to customize the test results in PDF and HTML format.


Can any one send me the QTP Basic Coding Samples?


When I click on a link in web page.Link should open in new window.can anyone please let me know the script for this ---Koti