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I want to execute 1st row of the local sheet and 3rd row of the global sheet parellely. write script to execute


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i want click on a link which is in 3rd row and 2nd column of a web table.write script to execute


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after click on compose mail how can we attached a file in qtp with vbscript code


write a qtp code to display all the items in the fly from combo box or list box

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write a qtp script to enter user name & password for flight reservation login page from excel sheet

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Can we do server automation by QTP? If you have any helpful links ,pls post it. Thanks Uma

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what type of values given to objects. EX::Set oBrowser=Description.Create oBrowser(“micclass”).Value=”Browser”


can any one tell me what is syntax error in line msgexist=Browser("title:=Gmail: Email.*").Page( "title:=Gmail: Email .*").WebElement(innertext=&msg).exist 'code ************** Call login("lal="," " ) wait(5) Call errormsg("Invalid email address. [?]" ) Function errormsg(msg) msgexist=Browser("title:=Gmail: Email.*").Page( "title:=Gmail: Email .*").WebElement(innertext=&msg).exist if msgexist then Reporter.ReportEvent micPass,"enter valid username or pwd ",msg else Reporter.ReportEvent micFail, "entered valid uname and pwd",msg end if End Function

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How you perform smoke and sanity testing using qtp?

Tech Mahindra,

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how to parameterizing values from an excel sheet in Quick test professional?

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Hi all, I am using windows vista, I am in the process of learning QTP. When ever I try to work with insert mode in flight application , i am getting the error of 'Operation must use an update table query, fractional truncation(null) error. Can anyone help me regarding this?


What is wrong in my code?

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how to get the object count ?????????

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write a qtp code to count the number of child objects in login page and highlight it

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write a qtp script to verify that the business price is twice the economy price in flight reservation window

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How is recording done when a application is over lapping the QTP application it gives a message object not recorded


wt is the use of multiple questions in QTP


Hi Every body please explain me in steps to use checkpoints and object Repositories in QTP for Flight Reservation application please tell me the steps for this its urgent pls thanx for urs answers


What is the Command used to start the QTP


what is meant by function library?Public and private functions in function library? if private functions are applicable for only for the particular test means then y we have to add those to function library?


can any body plz help by sending the qtp docs and qtp ppt's? this is my mail id:murali.padeti@gmail.com


How to get the format of a webedit class in qtp. How can i know that particular webedit accept what type of format like "mm/dd/yyyy" or "$" or Alphanumeric


How to connect the remote desktop using QTP 9.2 explain the method or procedure?


if there is a web table of having row and colmns.a button is placed at 2nd row's 3rd column which is worked for both edit and delete..how to write script for the button to test both operation on the web table using desriptive programing.. plz help me on script wheather using getroproperty Q2)what is the command for taking valiue from a web table in qtp


Can any one send me the QTP Basic Coding Samples?


What is file database?


How to create scenario selector


whenever U using QTP,Test Director, Why we using separate Bug tracking tool?


Could any one tell me "How can i recognize my cursor position using QTP 9.2" Give me a scripts for this


write the vb script for call to new action in qtp?