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How cookies can be tested in QTP?

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I heard that in Hyderabad Ameerpet is renowned for its training institutes it has , but from my own experience I can only say that this institutes have become money making machines losing their cognitive ability and ethics , can anybody tell me is there a good ins. in hyderabad for testing tools.?

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What is the difference between Client/Server application and Web application ?


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How can we check whether a particular sheet loaded (existed) or not in Data Table.


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What is the best institute in Ameerpet? If people think Ameerpet is the pride of hyd they need to go to Delhi/Gurgaon/noida you can find the difference.

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What are the three challenges U faced during automation testing of your application.


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1>How to get the browser name by writing the VBScript. 2>How did you used the GetROProperty and GetTOproperty .give real time scenario. 2>Give and real time ex for the bug having "High Severity and low priority"on banking doamin web based application.


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Plz give the vb script for the following scenerio I have faced one issues while doing test in QTP. I have described the scenario below. 1. I have to test web application.In that i want to select from the drop down values in the application. 2. Suppose Drop down has 5 value "A,B,C,D,E".I would like to give value from data table of QTP. 3. For every iliteration it should select A,then B and so on


there are having 10 checkboxes..how can i check only first 5 check boxes by using descriptive programing..


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i have string "I LIKE INDIA"..how to i get LIKE from the sting..


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write script to read and write data from file ?


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what is life cycle of automation testing ?


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i want to learn testing tools what i have to know before.iam fresher i dnt know any this..which langagues i have to before testing.


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i have written some lines of code today..tommorow some lines of code deleted in middle of that code..how to handle this type of script

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what is web application and client server application.is there any difference ?

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Is the qtp course will help to create a virtual object?


what is description object?


If I am scripting Web-based Surveys using QTP that open up differently but at the exact same point require a username and password can I automate that username and password for all the surveys some how using QTP?


tell me exact differenceb bw qtp and selenium?(could not tell open soure and licennce? difference in usage and technical difference?


can anyone tell me from where i can download qtp demo or crack version


How to use debug tools?


Hi All, I need code for how to execute qtp scripts from excell sheet


Can any one tell me about "Mapping Repository Parameter Values" and why we use it....??How to use it???Please, tell the preconditions also...........???? Thanks in Advance


what is output value in QTP and how it can be used in automation testing


In application which areas to be automated and what kind of situation will be take? using QTP? Plz give me the clear answer


Approach for Installation,comaptibility,system testing


what is keyword driven testing in qtp?n how is it useful?


How software automation specialist enter steps in the Expert View?


When Recovery scenario actually starts while testing the application?


How to Open FireFox using descriptive programing? If my question is not clear, i will give an Example To Open Internet Explorer, We use Set IE = CreateObject(InternetExplorer.Application) IE.Navigate "www.yahoo.com In the same i need to open yahoo.com in firefox. Can any one tell me what is the server name of firefox to create an object