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what is Automation frame work and how do u used this for your project?

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i have 100 manual test cases, how to automate from no 1. ols detail steps

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Using QTP checkpoint, where do you store your expected Properties of the object which later compares with the actual properties of the object???

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Any one please tell me how to create framework in QTP (in detail). Is there any website for reference?

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what is the present location of nageshwara rao's institute in hydrabad along with institute phone no. and name of institute.He has shifted from S.R Nagar.

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If 2 gmail browsers are opened in our system, how to enter the mail id and password into second browser by using discriptive program?


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Pls let me know how to find out creation time and index for the web application in descriptive programming?


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Hi Samrat, Thank u very much, what u said it is right.


can any one make me confirm about a real time employee with better experience in QTP who is providing QTP course individually in Bangalore???

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Hi , I am new to VBscripting, My requirment is to write a vbscript to read a row (which has coloumns like Description, Code, date(DD/MM/YY), hours etc) and export these feilds to a Website and then click on Submit Automatically on that web page. This it should do for all the Rows in that excel file. Any help is much appriciated Thanks Shalini


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what is the difference between wait and wait function

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What type of automation frame work you are using?and why?


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I have a tool for automation testing (eg:qtp).I have two functionality(A & B) to test.A is tested once in a year. B is tested everyday. At present i have the money and resource availability to automate only one functionality.Which one will u suggest and why?


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I have given u a application.To automate it what are the things will u consider?


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I want to install qtp software in my system, My operating system is vista . Anybody please suggest me how to get QTP software with licence key

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Hi ,Can any one pleas explain how to test splash objects using QTP?


I need to pull the data from the page which in row, column vice into excel sheet, how can it be done using QTP? eg: Name Dept xyz gdty i need the same data to be exported in excel sheet.


How do you test the text displayed in the header portion of times of india epaper. Hot news(banner) are scrolling in the top of the page, how do you test using QTP?


give me the code to save all messages of inbox of gmail into a folder and notepad


what are all the fileds present in object repository?


Hi Every body please explain me in steps to use checkpoints and object Repositories in QTP for Flight Reservation application please tell me the steps for this its urgent pls thanx for urs answers


one screen page,that contains file , browse , update and cancel buttons.when we browse a file it should get update otherwise it should go to previous page.write negative test case for that.


Dear Friends, I having total 3+year experience in manual testing including automation testing QTP, if i am attending any interview what kind of question will i get? please help me out


Through array we can execute the testcase how ? give me example


wht type of User defined functions or Java Releated functions do we write in VB scripting


How the smart identification is used in real time?Please explain with an example


give me an example where u used good judgement and logic in solving a problem


Please provide specific examples of advanced/creative usage of QTP, including how impact & benefits for your project


UFT 12.02 which ALM version will support


what is run action?