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can anyone please tell me which is the best institute for learning QTP and Automation Testing tools in hyderabad with realtime examples and scenarios...I heard about many institutes in Ammerpet hyderabad i.e Suresh Reddy's Smart Solutions, Ashwin Palaparthi's Tech Teach,SUNNYSOFT, SITE institute, I-VINTAGE, siritechnologies and sriven institute..pls suggest me which to choose for learning QTP....Which institute has fasttrack option?

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Howcan you differentiate between Exist statement, Exist property, and Exist method??? How they used???


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What are the Levels of Automation in QTP

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How many types of Check Point in QTP

R Systems,

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There is a table with 4 columns and 10 rows, how to write the script to display the first column records using qtp? can anybody help me with script?


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How to display the first 3 letters in these "ABCDEFGH" using qtp script?


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What is difference between web object and web items


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What is dynamic arrays


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How to count no of edit boxes on the page?


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In QTP can we feed the out of one browser(internet explorer) as an input to the another browser(mozilla firefox)? If yes explain how to do it with an example.



What are the different properties of an web object


Why do we use text checkpoint as we can make use of the same in the standard check point?


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Why do we use "Text checkpoint" If we can make use of it in "standard checkpoint" ?



Can anybody post some real time scenario in qtp? please its very urgent.



How to find Total no of Text Fields in the Page..Anybody please answer me..Thanks in Advance


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UFT 12.02 which ALM version will support


I would like to directly import XL file and work on that XL file directly in QTp script in that XL sheet need to allocate workbench,XL sheet and generate two bar graphs automatically how to do that? plz let me know any answers?


Could anyone help me for the below scenario: i am using the descriptive programming for my account, in which we have to generate the contract in the MS-word. when i generate this doc, we need to click on enable macros to continue further. but i am unable to make qtp to click on this. if anybody faced the problem like this??? pls help to get it resolved? Thanks in advance


how do u manipulating INI, DLL and / or registry files in support of your test environment? actually what do u mean by INI and DLL or registry files. plzzz its urgent do answer


Consider one application is open, clicking one menu will open another application in another browser. QTP does not catch the URL of the second browser(second application). can we capture it ?


Hi can anybody send me the QTP material, To my email ID: nuve1284@gmail.com ?


Can we use index on view?


How many test scenarios you have automated? How many time it will take to execute 30-40 scenarios? What SDLC model you are following? How often you will execute your test scripts? Because of some changes, your test scripts failed? When you will update your test scripts? How much time it will take to update? Do you know how to connect database? Do you know the direct method to count no. of records (or) rows present in record set once query is executed? How will you create the connection string? How did you resolve conflicts present in Object Repository? How good you are in VB? How will you work on Excel Application? How will you select Excel sheet? If you want to select 10 sheets, will you create 10 separate objects? Given string is “abcd”. What are the methods you will use to display “dcba”? Drives script – explain the frameworks? How you are updating results for each test? What is start up, configuration, navigation scripts? If you are not able to understand the application (some module), who will teach you? What test cases to be automated? When to be automated? What is the testing process you are following? What life cycle you are following? When you will use Descriptive Programming? Do you have the permission to add objects into shared object repository? (OR) someone will maintain SOR? Do you know how to add objects into shared object repository? How many test cases you have automated? How much time will it take to execute? What is complex in automation? When you feel automation is complex? Tell me one scenario, the complex functionality you have automated in your project? Excel sheet having some datas and some datas present in the application (in table). How will you compare these two datas? Write code to fetch datas from Excel sheet. Rate yourself in SQL? Display the employee name who is getting maximum salary? sal ID Salary name 001 100 002 500 003 300 ID 001 002 003 Ename A B C Have you written any test cases while you are in Automation? Manual Testing also will you do or you will work only in automation?


when I try to run below script in QTP "totalPages" value is 2. But i am getting error message (Type mismatch: 'totalPages' Line (): "For i=1 to totalPages".) totalPages=Browser("Name:=User").Page("Title:=User").WebElem ent("innertext:=of.*").GetROProperty("InnerText") msgbox totalPages For i=1 to totalPages rnum=Browser("Name:=User").Page("Title:=User").WebTa ble("column names:=User Name;ID;Last Name;First Name").GetRowWithCellText("store4") If rnum>0 Then r=rnum Exit for End If Browser("Name:=User").Page("Title:=User").WebElement ("html tag:=A","x:=471").Click MsgBox "Exit" Next


What are the five challenges you faced in QTP?


We have opened three browser such as Facebook,Gmail,Amazon,I want to generate the script of Login of Amazon application, but while adding the object such as edit box(user id,password) in OR is not added.Could you please resolve my issue


In QTP can we feed the out of one browser(internet explorer) as an input to the another browser(mozilla firefox)? If yes explain how to do it with an example.


How to explain a banking project in interview as a test engineer???


Explain the N-tire structure(process) for Funds Transfer ( means give N ways to funds Transfer in an Application)


i need code for how to click on particular mail in utlook mail box .its urjent Thank You Balaji