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QTP Interview Questions
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How will you set a unique four digit number in an edit field in QTP?


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How the objecs properties are identified?Tell me in Hierarchical order?


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Extract a word from a sentenece?


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WHat is Object Identification and Object Spy?


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what is exacltly TIERS ?


How to extract the data in the below scenario and dump it in the excel? Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4 numberlink1 text text text numberlink2 text text text numberlink3 text text text numberlink4 text text text So, Here is my question? -- It is a matrix but is not a web table(QTP does not recognize it as a web table) -- Link1, link2 and link3 are links under which text is available -- numberlink1 to numberlink4 are again LINKS -- All the others displayed are text only I want to extract the data in the above scenario and dump it into an excel in the same scenario as it is displayed above. Kindly help.. Thank you


Kindly help me with the following queries.. -- How to recognize webtable using QTP and how to use it? -- How would one conclude that it is a web table -- For Example, if there is a web table and I am clicking on say Cell A1, how would i know that i've clicked on cell A1 -- Kindly suggest me to use the web table better

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vb script for calling one function to the another function

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Difference between object identification and smart identification


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How to maintain the old scripts in QTP?

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Can anybody help me for vb script in qtp? give me examples for practice plz.


I want to learn Advanced QTP, suggest me the best faculty in Hyderabad

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Can u tell me example for virtual objects?

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Can we directly automate testscripts accrdoing to requirements? WHY ?

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What are objects? how do you select the unknow object?

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Post New QTP Questions

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Is any limitation to xml checkpoints?


Hai anyone please "Explain about Framework in QTP?"


I recorded a Web App with a Oracle backend using QTP 9.5 and for some reason the scripts don't play back> What am I missing at this point. I recorded the same Apps under Sybase and they work great. This is Oracle 10g. Why won't my scripts play back.


How to release all resources file from the QTP?


How can you pass value one action to another action?


How to create Reusable and Multiple Actions?


Explain QTP using different development techniques ?


Can QTP be used for GUI testing ?, We are using Java with MySQL and Operating system is Linux. We are NOT using the web.


why you have standardized functions? plzzz guys with real time exp. do answer


when a test case is written how u test using qtp


What is output value? How many types of output values are there in qtp?


Explain xml checkpoints.


How can we import into Excel "Details" ,"Result" ,"Time" parameters from within a Results Report which is generated after a Run error when a script is executed in QTP? Refer E.g below Status Functionality Description RunDate Fail Login User should be able to Login 12/3/2007 StartTime EndTime Details* 1:31:58 PM 1:32:29 PM (this one i want)


Where to use function or action?


What does mean by Scope of Automation?n How we defined it?