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QTP Interview Questions
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How to find the OS name by using QTP script?

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what is test scheduling?

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how to upload an excel sheet to quality center?

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I know the Basic QTP. But I wanted to learn descriptive programming in QTP. Without Object Repository how we can develop a script? I wanted to do one real time project using QTP. If you know this type of training is available in pune then let me know the address.


Hi, I got some difficulties in automating a web check box in a peoplesoft application. Let me explain the scenario, When clicked on a look up button in the application, it navigates to a new page with check boxes and respective options. Below is the source code for one check box and its option. $29 - $29 Cap with FREE Mobile I want to parametrize using "$29 - $29 Cap with FREE Mobile". I am not aware of how to parametrize this. Currently I am parametrizing with 'H1AU_BUNDLE_WRK_H1AU_SELECT_CH$2' Can any one please help me out with this??/


what is Supplemental Objects ?


How can we disable smart identification at the time of recording? Ideally, smart identification should be enabled only at the run-time.

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Hi guys can any plz help me how to send fax in sample Flight Appication

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There are some links on the web page,write a script to count and click those links and check the text on the page displayed on clicking the links.

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Write a script to delete a specific row in a webtable.

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where do you define the objects as regular expression when u are using regular expressions.

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Which company is better amdocs or techm ???

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Hi,Every one,my name is RAHUL,aim wondering if any one got QTP software? If yes,can u plz knock on to gchinthakindhi@gmail/ THANK U.

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Hi All, Can anyone provide me the license for QTP 9.5.... My Email ID:


Hi experts. I want to create a framework for the Flight Reservation sample application.Can anybody tell me the files and the contents , and how to create them.Thanks


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Name the different types of recording modes?


What is accessibility check point?


If I give some thousand tests to execute in two days what do you do?


Pls can anyone give me the entire code for the Keyword driven framework with respect to he Flight Reservation Window in detail with explanation. Pls explain in detail stepwise. Thanks a lot. Pls very urgent?.


i can done the project with QTP in that time i can say how many members in my team size?


Is it possible to call from one action to another action in qtp?


What does mean by Scope of Automation?n How we defined it?




What is the use of Debug Viewer?


How to handle dynamic objects in quicktest professional (qtp)?


How to sendKeys in QTP? Diff b/w sendkeys and device replay? Diff b/w function and Sub? Diff b/w Array and List Different Types of running Keys other than Fast, slow,Normal mode Regular expression for Difference between \w and \W How to generate script button Recording Types Different Types of Actions? Using DP performance degrades, If Yes why? How to close all the opened browsers? Diff b/w SystemUtil.Run and invoke application? If qtp not recognized the combo box How to select values from drop down?


What is the basic concept of quicktest professional?


hi i am working with vbwindow on qtp.first i am openning qtp whenever open qtp my application not open that time generated error like "Runtime error 0" and fatal error:automation error how to solve this problem pls tell me


Explain the concept of how quicktest professional identifies object?


Is qtp supports uni-code?