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QTP Interview Questions
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write is the code for regular expression in QTP

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Please have a look at this: a = Browser("Travel Boutique Online").Page("Travel Boutique Online_2").webelement("innerhtml:=2622").getroproperty("y") a=a+9 msgbox a Browser("Travel Boutique Online").Page("Travel Boutique Online_2").image("alt:=check","y:=a").click Now please let me explain. As clear from code I am trying to enter value of variable 'a' as Property y. But each time QTP AND MY SYSTEM stops responding when this line is execcuted. But When i enter some number in place of 'a' in the last line. it works fine. Please let me know what I am doing wrong at time of entering the variable in last line. Thanks a lot

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how to click the link in webpage by using QTP Script????????

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What is the latest version of QTP? aster googling i found it 9.5 . but somewhere in my frnds resume i hve seen 10.0 so i am a bit confused pls let me know.


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There is one login screen,after accepting valid username and apassword, it will show the next screen. In the 2nd screen u r having 2 combo boxes, U have to select any item from these, and click OK button. After closing that, it will show the 3rd screen. If u click CANCEL button from 2nd screen it will show the first screen. Write QTP script for it???


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what is the data driven testing?


what is the qtp objects?


what is the recovery scenario?

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draw the qtp frame work?


synchronization, wait,wait Property?

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what is spy, and how can u use?

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what is the Debug view?

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what is stlc and its contents?

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Without QTP (or any Testing tool) can we able to test the GUI part of the Applications. for Example generating the Scripts in Notepad and Executing them Using VB. Is it Possible to do so..

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the develeper not accepter your defect what status is that ?

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Describe how Smart Identification is used


Whats the realtime QTP testing process


describe some problems that u had with automating testing tool?


Have you done batch testing in qtp? If yes how you are doing?


What is an object repository?


In Remote acess server how u run a test?


what is keyword driven testing in qtp?n how is it useful?


.have you ever written compiled module? if yes , tell me about some of the function that you wrote.


If object is not recognized by qtp but the object is standard object what is your approach?


Explain Descriptive Programming Types with Examples?


Which advantages helping QTP to hold the position of "Market Leader" for such a long period?


Why script error occur in between recording in qtp?


How to start recording using quicktest professional (qtp)?


Hi, Can we open a test in qtp10 which is saved in qtp 9.2?


banking project description for software tester