QTP Interview Questions
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On what basis we select test cases to automate?


Do you support automated testing? Why?


What issues come up in test automation, and how do you manage them?


What criteria do you use when determining when to automate a test or leave it manual?

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What are software testing metrics

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What are the main attributes of test automation?

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What will be the test script in QTP to test a ComboBox where a user has to select more than two items????


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write a test script in QTP to test the text that written in an image(i.e jpg)of a web page???


Is it possible to call out to Java from QTP?

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How we can capture the dynamic object ex:(rotating globe) in the web page with time gaph is 5 sec..


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key word driven frame work is like a folder structure Question is that where is the folder like funtion library folder,object repository,data base,application scenerio folder etc are store whether in a remote machine where we have to access or in our machine (it just like VSS)



tell me the script for envirnment value parameeter with an example. which situation envirnment valu parameter is used


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how we can know qtp has used smart identification machanism during the execution.


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I m trying to automate one vb desktop application in that there is vblist vbcombobox many other vb tools are there ,when i m trying to find some unique property to identify the object (take example of vbcombobox ) I cannot find any unique property, all the combobox belong to same nativeclass same name no ids are available ,only the distinct property is there x and y coordinates so i m using some code like this "vbbutton "nativeclass:=ThunderRT6CommandButton","x:=304","y :=443").exist(2)" but i dont find them reliable .Can anyone suggest me some other way to identify those objects with some unique property or is there any way to register our own property .I m using descriptive programming to write the code .Thanks in advance


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How to map Test cases to the script? Please do anwser urgently?Thanks

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When QTP object wait time is 10 seconds, and in test script wait time is 5 seconds and in function library wait time is 2 seconds how much time does the wait occur? or which is given priority.


how to find that a file has been completely downloaded or not? I told that "download Complete" pop up. but he told the tool doesn't recognize the pop up


Dis advantages of XML checkpoint ?


what is the structure for the data driven framework


hi i have completed my b.tech in cse stream. now i am working in an organisation in testing department. i want do sap course but i dnt know which module will boost my career can anyone suggest me which is good for my career


how do we know whether all objects are stored in the object repository or not? how can we know if a particular object is not stored in the repository?


Dear All , For UFT 12.02 which version QC or ALM will support ? Thanks Balaji


How to add verification steps to tests?


For which type of projects the iterative model is not suitable?


write a script to verify the image path(src property) of the images which are in web pages.


Hi any body pls help me for QTP 11.0 software free demo version. i have to practice. Kindly send the link.or where i have to download.


how can we compare descriptive programing with a regular expression


in a web page hoe to check the dynamic links that rechabging with out using regular expressions


Dear All, How to generate Pass or Fail Report in QTP without using Reporter.Report Event Method ? Thanks Balaji


Pls can anyone give me the entire code for the Keyword driven framework with respect to he Flight Reservation Window in detail with explanation. Pls explain in detail stepwise. Thanks a lot. Pls very urgent?.