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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The name of the ambassador sent by Seleukos to the court of Chandragupta was (a) Herodotus (b) Hiuen-Tsang (c) Megasthenese (d) Heledoros

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Chandragupta died at a place called: (a) Karnasuvarna (b) Paithan (c) Sravanvelgola (d) Nalanda

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Megasthenese classified the Indians into ??? classes. (a) five (b) seven (c) nine (d) eleven

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The municipal administration of Pataliputra in the days of Chandragupta was entrusted to a committee of ??? citizens. (a) ten (b) twenty (c) thirty (d) forty

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Military administration of Chandragupta was vested in ??? committees (a) four (b) six (c) eight (d) ten

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The successor of Chandragupta to the throne of magadha was: (a) Buddhagupta (b) Bimbisara (c) Bindusara (d) Udayee

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On the death of his father Ashoka ascended the throne of Magadha in : (a) 323 BC (b) 326 BC (c) 269 BC (d) 120 AD

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Ashoka was initiated into Buddhism by: (a) Dipankara (b) Shreenjan Atisha (c) Sheelabhadra (d) Upagupta

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For the propagation of the Buddhistic faith, Ashoka appointed new officers of the name of : (a) Rajukas (b) Yutas (c) Amtyas (d) Dharmamahamatras

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Ashoka sent his son and daughter for preaching of Buddhism to: (a) Sumatra (b) Cambodia (c) Javadvipa (d) Ceylon

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At Pataliputra during the reign of Ashoka was held the ??? Buddhistic Council or Synod. (a) first (b) second (c) third (d) fourth

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The capital of Kalinga was: (a) Taxila (b) Suvarnagiri (c) Ujjain (d) Toshali

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The real founder of the Kushana Empire in India was: (a) Menander (b) Vasudeva (c) Kujula Kadphises (d) Kanishka

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The capital of Kanishka was: (a) Taxila (b) Multa (c) Gandhara (d) Purushapura

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The statue of Kanishka with a broken head has been found at: (a) Mathura (b) Indraprastha (c) Brindaban (d) Hardwar

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