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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The Khajuraho temples were constructed by: (a) the Parmar rulers (b) the Chandel rulers (c) the Solanki rulers (d) Lalitaditya

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The oldest among the Vedas is the: (a) Sama Veda (b) Atharva Veda (c) Rig Veda (d) Yajur Veda

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The Puranas are: (a) 4 in number (b) 7 in number (c) 10 in number (d) 18 in number

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Kautilya?s Arthasastra is a treatise on: (a) economic theories (b) statecraft and diplomacy (c) warcraft (d) None of the above

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Pungi dance belongs to: (a) Sikkim (b) Jammu & Kashmir (c) Manipur (d) Himachal Pradesh

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Lumbini, the birth place of Gautam Buddha, is in: (a) Bihar (b) Sikkim (c) Nepal (d) Uttar Pradesh

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Which of the following books was written by Banabhatta, a contemporary of Harshvardhana, the last Hindu-king of India? (a) Ratnavali (b) Mayur Shatak (c) Kadambari (d) Panchatantra

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Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh is famous for: (a) rock-cut temples (b) cave paintings (c) stupas (d) Ashoka?s rock edicts

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In Hinayana Buddhism, the practice was to represent Buddha not by his image but by certain symbols like: (a) lotus (b) wheel (c) foot print (d) All the three above

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Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur, is a simple building in which four walls enclose a square hall and octagonal seven storeyed towers stand at each of the four corners. A remarkable feature of this building is its: (a) interior decoration (painting) (b) intricate carving on the towers (c) extraordinary acoustics (d) None of the above

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The Sangam literature is written in: (a) Sanskrit (b) Brahmi (c) Tamil (d) Hindi

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To Hindus the sight of which of the following birds is considered lucky on Dussehra day? (a) Cuckoo (b) Parrot (c) Bulbul (d) Nilkanth

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Who persuaded Maricha to go in the guise of a golden deer to tempt Sita? (a) Surpanakha (b) Meghanad (c) Jatayu (d) Ravana

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Who was the son of Bali? (a) Sugriva (b) Angad (c) Hanuman (d) Jamvant

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The capital of the Pandavas was: (a) Indraprastha (b) Kurukshetra (c) Hastinapur (d) None of the above


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The women carrying a weighing measurement, closed her eyes with black ribbon symbolizes which ?


In the year 2004, where was Olympics held?


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Do you favor women entrepreneurship? Justify your stand?


What is the name of NASA's new space telescope?


Clive Lloyd is related to which sport?


how many lions do you find in the ashok pillar?


http in Internet address is ?


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What is the capital of Mozambique?


Who became the first Indian Telecom operator to launch 4G services?


Where is Charminar Located?


The charge of impeachment against the president of India for his removal can be preferred by ? a) Rajya Sabha b) Lok Sabha c) Speaker of Lok Sabha and Chairman of Rajya


what is the function referred when a branch track rail merger with another main rail track in junction?