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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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A stream makes canyons during its: (a) youth stage (b) mature stage (c) old stage

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Ox-bow lakes are formed by a stream during the : (a) youth stage (b) mature stage (c) old stage

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When stream bends develop into smooth curves, it is called: (a) meanders (b) yazoo (c) zig-zag stream

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The deposition of materials made by a stream where it flows into a body of standing water is known as : (a) delta (b) alluvial fans (c) natural level

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A Glacier which covers thousands of square miles is known as: (a) Continental Glacier (b) Alpine Glacier (c) Firn

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A Glacier makes a: (a) U shaped valley (b) V shaped valley (c) Palaya

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The deposition work by glaciers is called: (a) Moraine (b) Point bars (c) Yardang

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What type of glaciation is generally found in the Himalayas? (a) Alpine glaciation (b) Continental glaciation (c) Arctic glaciation

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In which of the following regions are Continental Glaciers found? (a) Pyrenes (b) Sierra-Nevada (c) Antarctica

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The deposition of sand, gravel or cobbles near the sea-shore is: (a) Beach (b) Lagoon (c) Reef

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A hill of sand shaped by winds is called: (a) dune (b) stalagnite (c) drip curtain

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The deposits of wind transported silt which has settled from dust stroms over many thousand years is known as: (a) Loess (b) Barkhans (c) Peneplain

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Landscapes of the limestone region are called: (a) Karst landscape (b) Califronia landscape (c) Alaska landscape

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A smoothy rounded oval hill resembling the bowl of an inverted teaspoon in: (a) Kame (b) Drumlin (c) Dome

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The process of building of a channel is: (a) gradation (b) aggradation (c) degradation

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sir i wanted that u send me the last 6 months current affairs&g.k to my e-mail add. thank you


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