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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Reflex action in the body is controlled by 1 Sensory nerves 2 Central nervous system 3 Motor nerves 4 Sympathetic nervous system

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What is the maximum limit of sound intensity in decibel units beyond which a person cannot hear? 1 50 2 70 3 85 4 95

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Which of the following glands is situated beneath the brain and whose over secretion produces giant-size children? 1 Pituitary 2 Thyroid 3 Adrenal 4 Pancreas

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There are approximately??. Muscles in human body. 1 200 2 350 3 500 4 700

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The organ which destroys worn out RBCs in the body of a vertebrate is 1 Pancreas 2 Liver 3 Bone narrow 4 Spleen

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A person born with inner ear missing 1 Would never be able to hear sound 2 Could only hear a loud explosion 3 Would be able to hear only with an electronic hearing aid 4 None of these

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Which of the following is a membrane that protects the developing embryo from desiccation? 1 Amnion 2 Allantoids 3 Chorine 4 Yolk sac

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Reflex action is the function of 1 Cerebellum 2 Spinal cord 3 Medulla 4 Autonomous nervous system

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Which of the following combinations of chromosomes is present in males? 1 XX 2 XXX 3 XY 4 XYX

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The saliva helps in the digestion of 1 Proteins 2 Fats 3 Fibres 4 Starch

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Detection of Rh factor is an example of 1 Enzymatic reaction 2 Chemical reaction 3 Phagocytic reaction 4 Immunologic reaction

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Inside the body, blood does not coagulate due to the presence of 1 Fibrin 2 Hemoglobin 3 Heparin 4 Thromboplastin


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Biological death of a patient means death of tissues of the 1 Kidney 2 Heart 3 Lungs 4 Brain

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Radial Karatomy, a surgical procedure, is used to cure 1 Cataract 2 Myopia 3 Astigmatism 4 Hyper metropia

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Lymph vessels of human beings are inhabited by 1 Plasmodium 2 Tape worm 3 Wuchereria 4 Euglena

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Talk about politics? What should be said we it is asked in HR interview?


The safeguard agreement with regard to civilian nuclear to civilian nuclear facilities between India and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) came into force on?


Name an actor who is nominated to Rajya Sabha.


what is non cenvatable duty? How it can be calculated? Is it difers from item to item?


Which city is known as diamond city?


Lancer is the product of which company?


on whose advice president can dissolve lok sabha


Who is the author of the book 'Half a Life'?


Sir,I am rajkumar..I can completed with it branch i can apply for entrance exan ONGC graduation daharadun.In this exam sep 18.Its ok but iknow doubt this exam 1)general awarness butgeneral awareness and knowlege it same syllabus sir.... and how prepare general awareness ongc exam ....ple guid me sir send email what books can be prepare tell fast sir..send me... thank you


What is the Currency for Hongkong?


what is the meaning of zealot?


where does the southernmost tip in india lie?


hi every one i want a job in abroad? what can i do for that and do i register any consultants for the oppertunity


what is 7pcses inspection as per jc peney?


Do you have any idea about Common wealth games? In which year they will be held?