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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The ?Great-Bath? was found at 1 Lothal 2 Mohenjodaro 3 Harappa 4 Ropar

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Hydrophodia is relatedto 1 Yelow fever 2 Tetanus 3 Hepatitis 4 Rabies

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Pituitary gland is located just below the 1 Brain 2 Heart 3 Liver 4 Kidney

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Which of the following was built by Rashtrakutas? 1 Sun temple of Konark 2 Kailasa temple of Ellora 3 Siva temple of Ellora 4 Channakeshava temple of Batur

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Which of the following states has a part of its rain in winter? 1 Andhra Pradesh 2 Kerala 3 Tamil Nadu 4 Karnataka

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Of the following, the busiest oceanic trade route is 1 Panama Canal 2 Seuz Canal 3 Cape route 4 North Atlantic route

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In a Parliamentary form of democracy 1 Executive controls the Judiciary 2 Executive controls the Legislature 3 Judiciary controls the Executive 4 Legislature controls the Executive

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Under the constitution ?Internal emergency?, in the event of ?armed rebellion,?, can only be promulgated by the President of India on the advice of the 1 Prime Minister 2 Parliament 3 Countil of Ministers 4 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on the basis of Presidential reference

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The formation of RBC takes place in 1 Livr 2 Bone marrow 3 Spleen 4 Heart

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The Bharat Ratna was awarded posthumously to 1 Indira Gandhi 2 C.Rajagopalachari 3 Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan 4 M.C.Ramachandran

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The largest population of scheduled tribes is in the state of 1 Bihar 2 Maharashtra 3 Madhya Predesh 4 Orissa

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Who is the author of the book, ?Death of a City,? 1 Jawahar Lal Nehru 2 Amrita Pritam 3 Khushwant Singh 4 Hari Kunzru

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What is the name of India?s first satellite launched from Soviet Cosmodrome on April 19,1975? 1 Apple 2 Bhaskara 3 Rohini 4 Aryabhatta


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The Space Application Centre (SAC) is located at 1 Ahmedabad 2 Sriharikota 3 Bangalore 4 Trivandrum

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What is the name of the capital of Canada? 1 Canberra 2 Vienna 3 Ottawa 4 Havana

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What is the difference between deemed university & other university eg. DY Patil university (pune) & pune university


Arrange the given words in order in which they occur in the dictionary ?


What are your views on the controversial practice of Triple Talaq?


when did the fall of bastille happen?


To which field is Padma Vibhushan Yamini Krishna Moorthy related?


Talk about politics? What should be said we it is asked in HR interview?


In the year 2012, name the company which acquired SlideShare for USD 118.75 million?


What is the Currency for Hongkong?


To which sport is the C.K. Nayudu Trophy related?


who is first m.d of apsrtc


Lancer is the product of which company?


who was the first governor general of bengal?


what is the function referred when a branch track rail merger with another main rail track in junction?


Do you favor women entrepreneurship? Justify your stand?


Who is the first chief of National Green Tribunal (NGT)?