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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Debt is 1 An investment 2 A Revenue 3 A liability 4 None of these

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TERI stands for 1 Tata Environmental Research Institute 2 Tata Energy Reaserach Institute 3 Tata Energy and Radiation Institute 4 Tata Effluents Research Institute

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Forward and spot are associated with 1 A currency 2 A game 3 A telescope 4 None of these

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?Economic Reforms? is equivalent to 1 Glasnost 2 Laissez Faire 3 Perestroika 4 None of these

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Sinn Fein is associated with 1 Kung-Fu 2 Irish Republican Army 3 Japanese art 4 Chinese philosophy

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A neutral country in Europe is 1 Austria 2 Albania 3 Switzerland 4 Greece

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A fifth columnist is a 1 Journalist 2 Communist 3 Secret rebes 4 None of these

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Bretton Woods System is a system 1 Numbers Forestry 2 Foresting 3 Rating 4 None of these

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Ann has not connected with the ball today and it would mortify her to strike out again in full view at his crowd. (A)Forgive (B)Humiliate (C)Flatter (D)Sympathise (E)None of the above

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Following are the highlights of the Foreign Trade Policy 2004-09. (I)A massive push to exports to garner 1.0 percent of the world swore by 2009. (II)?Served from India? scheme to accelerate growth in the export of services (III)EOVS exempted from service tax proportionate to the gods and services (IV)Up to 100 percent FDI to establish and desvelop free trade and wart housing zone. Which of the above statements is/are not true? (A)I,II,III (B)I,IV,III (C)II,III,IV (D)I,II,IV (E) None of the above

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Rank of the following countries attracting FDI (as per World Investment Report 2004) in order: (I)India; (II)China; (III)Singapore; (IV)Hongkong (A)II, III, IV, I (B)IV, I, III, II (C)II, III, IV, I (D)I, III, IV, II

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Which of the following planets in the solar system rotates on its axis fr0m East to West is 1 Earth 2 Jupiter 3 Venus 4 Uranus

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The sun consists mostly of 1 Helium 2 Hydrogen 3 Nitrogen 4 Oxygen

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The earth revolves around the sun at a speed of 1 18.5 km/sec. 2 26.6 km/sec. 3 29.7 km/sec. 4 31.9 km/sec.

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Which of the following is the oldest seat of learning? 1 Vikramshila 2 Ujjain 3 Nalanda 4 Taxila


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What abt question in indian oil


Who wrote "Vandematharam" ?


when started the apsrtc


who wrote the book "Discovery of India" ?


What will you say about Kaveri River water dispute?


Which indian city is called Temple city of India ?


hi every one i want a job in abroad? what can i do for that and do i register any consultants for the oppertunity


Which city is called Orange city of india ?


Do you have any idea about Common wealth games? In which year they will be held?


Tell something about coal- gate scam?


Which state is called City of Joy?


in which state does champaran come?


hi..... my name is Rekha... i taken karantaka bank clerk and officer exam..... if any know the pattern and details please send me in my id..... if u have question paper please send...... my id


name the vitamin found in orange and lime?