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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Who amongst the following leaders has launched the ?Nationalist Congress party? recently? 1 Arjun Singh 2 Madhavrao Scindia 3 Sharad Pawar 4 None of these

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In a recent excavation, remains of some ninth century Chandela Temples have been found. The site of the excavation is 1 Sanchi 2 Lothai 3 Jatkara 4 None of these

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The Kalinga prize is given by which of the following organizations/world bodies? 1 UNICEF 2 UNESCO 3 IAEA 4 None of these

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According to the current estimates India?s trade deficit during 1998-99 was approximately 1 8.250 billion dollar 2 7.500 billion dollar 3 6.250 billion dollar 4 4.250 billion dollar

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Citrus fruits are considered as a rich source of which of the following vitamins? 1 Vitamin A 2 Vitamin B 3 Vitamin C 4 Vitamin E

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Which of the following festivals is celebrated in Maharashtra to mark the beginning of the fishing season after the monsoon? 1 Ganesh Chaturthi 2 Narali purnima 3 Anant Chaturdashi 4 None of these

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IMF has projected India?s economic growth rate for 1999-2000 at about 1 2% 2 3% 3 3.5% 4 5%

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Ali sardar Jafri?s name was recently in the news as he has been honoured with 1 Fellowship of Sangeet Natak Academy 2 Filmfare Award for the Best Song Writer 3 Harvard Foundation Award fore contribution to Urdu Poerty 4 Bhartiya Jnanpith Award

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Which of the following pairs of the prizes/awards and the areas in which they are given is not correct? 1 B.D.Goenka Award-Excellence in Journalism 2 B.C.Roy National Award-Sports 3 Moorty Devi Award-Literature 4 Arjuna Award-Sports

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Which of the following States is the main producer of sugar in India? 1 Maharastra 2 Gujarat 3 Uttar Pradesh 4 Tamil Nadu

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Who amongst the following wrote the famous book ?My Presidential Years?? 1 Dr.V.V.Giri 2 Dr.Radhakrishnan 3 Giani Zail Singh 4 None of these

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Which of the following books is written by Dr.C.Rangarajan? 1 The Reserve Bank of Indian 1951-67 2 The Great Indian Middle Class 3 The Unemotional Investor 4 Indian Economy : Essays on Money and Finance

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According to the World Bank, India stands at which position in terms of the Purchasing Power Parity in the world? 1 10th 2 18th 3 5th 4 6th

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Smt.Teejan Devi is associated with which of the following forms of music? 1 Classical vocal music 2 Folk music 3 Instrumental music 4 None of these

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Akhnoor bridge, which was recently in the news, is built over which of the following rivers? 1 Sindhu 2 Ravi 3 Sutlej 4 Chenab

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Do you favor women entrepreneurship? Justify your stand?


Name the governor of RBI?


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Supreme court judgment regarding 11 kv line running through former land


Who became the first Indian Telecom operator to launch 4G services?


Who wrote "Vandematharam" ?


The part of the Constitution that reflects the mind and ideals of the framers is ? (a) Directive Principles (b)Fundamental Rights (c)Peramble (d)Citizenship


Which countries are together called Scandinavia?


which gas do you inhale during respiration?


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What is the Currency for Hongkong?


Which state is called City of Joy?


The Peramble of the Indian Constitution reads ? a) We, the people of India……….adopt, enact and give to India this Constitution b) We, the people of Constituent Assembly……adopt, enact and give to India this constitution c) We, the people of India………… our Constituent Assembly……….adopt, enact and give to ourselves this constitution


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