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What is the colour of laterite soil ? (a) Yellow (b) Brown (c) Red (d) Pink

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What are Doldrums ? (a) The trade winds (b) Area of great humidity (c) A low pressure belt round the Equator where there are very light winds and calm seas (d) Area where seas are calm

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Which is the best known bird sanctuary in Haryana ? (a) Sultanpur (b) Bharatpur (c) Rajaji (d) Sariska

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Which is the twin city of Cochin ? (a) Alappuzha (b) Thrissur (c) Aluva (d) Ernakulam

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Which State is bounded by Bangladesh on three sides ? (a) Mizoram (b) Meghalaya (c) West Bengal (d) Tripura

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The Netherlands was earlier known as (a) Poland (b) Holland (c) Spain (d) Greece

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Which one of the following is the largest lake in the world ? (a) Lake Superior (b) Caspian Sea (c) Lake Baikal (d) Lake Victoria

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Government, in fact, is (a) an agent of the State (b) the master of State (c) an anti-thesis of State (d) not related to State in any way

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The book The Prince was written by (a) Machiavelli (b) Woodrow Wilson (c) Jawaharlal Nehru (d) Aquinas

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Social Darwinism means (a) Evolutionary socialism (b) Dictatorship (c) Survival of the fittest (d) Peaceful evolution of the society

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Which of the following means complete segregation of non-whites ? (a) Apartheid (b) Diarchy (c) Separate Electorates (d) Imperialism

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The term Fourth Estate refers to (a) Judiciary (b) Parliament (c) Press (d) Very backward state


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The maximum strength of the Rajya Sabha is (a) 250 (b) 270 (c) 300 (d) 545

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Which of the following countries is the last to become a member of UNO? (a) Sweden (b) Switzerland (c) Australia (d) Norway

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Which Indian jurist held the office of the President of International Court of Justice ? (a) H.R. Khanna (b) K.S. Hegde (c) Nagendra Singh (d) R.S. Pathak

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Which state is called City of Joy?


What will you say about Kaveri River water dispute?


The British Broadcasting Corporation BBC, selected whom as the ' Women of Millennium'?


what is 7pcses inspection as per jc peney?


state the full form of cpu.


Please give institutes or college name, which will convert life experience into a valid diploma in engineering in india


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India conducted Military Exercise Garuda Sakthi with which state?


what is aql


Hi Friends, Can anyone tell me regarding written test of KAS exam? Ambiguity for me in this case is, do we need to write answers of 3 or 4 pages ? And can any one tell me what kinds of questions(few examples) we will get for general exams??


In which country , is bull fighting the national sport?


yearily turover of apsrtc


What are the total number of college in tripura ?


http in Internet address is ?


For unemployed people, which plans are adopted by government?