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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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If a human were to be placed in an enclosed room with an atmosphere of oxygen and nothing else, what would he or she exhale (1) They exhale only carbon dioxide (2) They exhale only oxygen (3) They exhale only nitrogen (4) No air at all

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One of the Vitamins which is required to help in blood clotting (1) Vitamin K (2) Vitamin D (3) Vitamin C (4) Vitamin E

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Name the Indian born scientist who won the Nobel Prize for his work in genetic engineering : (1) Dr. J.C. Bose (2) Dr. H.G. Khorana (3) Dr. C.V. Raman (4) Rabindranath Tagore

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Why are dogs used to detect criminals ? (1) In dogs the olfactory receptor area is about forty times larger than of man and so they are used (2) The eyes of dogs are sharp to detect the criminals (3) The audition of dogs sharp (4) The dogs are faithful

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The number of chromosomes present in man: (1) 46 (2) 44 (3) 48 (4) 23

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Diabetes mellitus is caused due to the non secretion of a hormone known as: (1) Thyroxine (2) Clucagon (3) Pitutarin (4) Insulin

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What is acupuncture ? (1) Curing illness by puncturing specified areas of skin with needles (2) It is a modern medicinal science developed in Japan (3) A galvanizing process (4) A Vulcanising process

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Why is it necessary to grow plants in an aquarium? (1) To increase the supply of oxygen to fishes (2) It beautifies the aquarium (3) To increase CO2 in the atmosphere (4) To give more food to fish

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A child is given ?triple antigens? within one year of birth. Why ? (1) To prevent diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough (2) To prevent smallpox, malaria and filarial (3) To cure Diphtheria (4) All the above

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Which is the world?s largest living creature? (1) Indian elephant (2) Blue whale (3) African elephant (4) Giant tortoise

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How is nigh blindness cured? (1) By eating carrots which contain carotene (2) By taking medicines (3) By standing in the sun (4) By using spectacles

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How do we term the science of improving honey production? (1) Apiculture (2) Sericulture (3) Horticulture (4) Agriculture

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Which one of the following Sikh gurus was executed by Jahangir? (1) Angad (2) Arjun (3) Amardas (4) Armadas

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Which of the following is the correct chronological order? 1 First Round Table Conference-Poona Pact-Simon Commission ? Gandhi-Irwin Pact 2 Simon Commission-First Round Table Conference- Gandhi-Irwin Pact ?Poona Pact 3 Gandhi-Irwin Pact ? Simon Commission ? First Round Table Conference ? Poona Pact 4 Poona Pact ? Simon Commission ? First Round Table Conference ? Gandhi-Irwin Pact

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The first definite step to provide Parliamentary control over East India Company was taken by 1 The Regulating Act 2 The Pitts India Act 3 The Charter Act of 1793 4 The Charter Act of 1813


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pls. LIC ado modle test paper sent me


What efforts need to be done on the part of the government to make India a developed nation?


hi frns this is ruchi again this time my qus is what is muslim banking? 2)what is the current value of sbi shares?


where does the southernmost tip in india lie?


Who is the chief election commissioner of India?


how many lions do you find in the ashok pillar?


in india where ia a mosque with tangle tomb


when started the apsrtc


The women carrying a weighing measurement, closed her eyes with black ribbon symbolizes which ?


Do you have any idea about Common wealth games? In which year they will be held?


on what theme is picasso's painting 'guernica' based on?


state the seven wonders of the world which is located in india?


Where is first Railway University located?


What are the total number of college in tripura ?


Who became the first Indian Telecom operator to launch 4G services?