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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The President can declare financial emergency in the country under (a) Article 350 (b) Article 355 (c) Article 360 (d) Article 365

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The President has the power to reduce the salaries or allowances of all government servants during the (a) Presidential rule in a State (b) Emergency in the country due to an external aggression (c) Emergency in the country due to internal disturbances (d) Financial emergency in the country

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Which of the following type of the emergency has not been promulgated in our country so far? (a) Emergency due to an external attack (b) Emergency due to internal disturbances (c) Financial Emergency (d) Presidential Rule

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When the President declares an emergency in the country, unless approved by the Parliament it remains in force for a period of (a) One month (b) Six months (c) One year (d) Indefinitely

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President?s Rule in a State can be continued for a maximum period of (a) Four years at a stretch (b) Five years at a stretch (c) Two years at a stretch (d) None of these

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A proclamation of emergency must be placed before the Parliament for its approval within a period of (a) Three months (b) Four months (c) Six months (d) One month

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With the approval of the Parliament an emergency under Article 352 can contine in the country for (a) A maximum period of five years (b) A maximum period of three years (c) A maximum period of ten years (d) An indefinite period

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An emergency due to internal disturbances under Article 352 was first of all proclaimed in the country in the year (a) 1975 (b) 1976 (c) 1977 (d) 1978

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Which of the following emergencies has been declared the maximum number of times in India? (a) Emergency under Article 352 due to external aggression (b) Emergency under Article 352 due to internal disturbances (c) Emergency under Article 356 due to breakdown of constitutional machinery in a state (d) Financial emergency under Article 360

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The President addresses both the Houses of parliament assembled together (a) During emergency session summoned for the purpose (b) Every session (c) Any session (d) First session after each general election and the first session of each year


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The five-year term of the President is calculated from the (a) First day of the month he assumes charge (b) First day of the month following the month he assumes charge (c) Day he assumes charge (d) Date of his election result

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Who can initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of India? (a) Only Lok Sabha (b) Rajya Sabha (c) Any Vidhan Sabha (d) Either House of Parliament


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Which of the following appointments is not made by the President of India? (a) Chief Justice of India (b) Chief of the Air Staff (c) Speaker of Lok Sabha (d) Chief of the Army Staff

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When a bill passed by the Parliament is sent to the President for his assent, which option is not open to him? (a) He may sign it (b) He may not sign it and kept it with him (c) He may return it to the Parliament for reconsideration (d) He may amend it

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How many times can the President of India return a non money bill passed by the Parliament? (a) Twice (b) Once (c) Thrice (d) Never


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