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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Which of the following countries won the Asia Cup Cricket Tournament 2004? (a) India (b) Pakistan (c) Bangladesh (d) Sri Lanka

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The 8th SAARC Countries Carrom Tournament was held recently in (a) Jaipur (b) New Delhi (c) Pune (d) Hyderabad

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Who among the following has won the Best Actor award at the 51st National Film Awards ceremony? (a) Pankaj Kapoor (b) Ajay Devgan (c) Vikram (d) Sanjay Dutt

1 1975

Which one of the following entities makes recommendations to the president of India as to the principles which should govern the grants-in-aid of the revenues of the States out of the Consolidated Fund of India? (a) Planning Commission (b) Finance Commission (c) National Development Council (d) Union Ministry of Finance

1 1963

Who headed the Interim Cabinet formed in the year 1946? (a) Rajendra Prasad (b) Jawaharlal Nehru (c) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (d) C. Rajagopalachari

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Which one among the following ports has the largest shipyard in India? (a) Kolkata (b) Kochi (c) Mumbai (d) Visakhapatnam

BEd, IMS, Kerala Public Service Commission, Koch Industries, L&T, Police Exam, RRB, RRC Railway Recruitment Cell, TATA, University Of Kashmir,

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Who is the author of the book ?New Dimensions of India?s Foreign Policy?? (a) A. B. Vajpayee (b) Jaswant Singh (c) P.C. Alexander (d) Yashwant Sinha

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As per the Indian Protocol, who among the following ranks highest in the order of precedence ? (a) Deputy Prime Minister (b) Former President (c) Government of a State within his State (d) Speaker of Lok Sabha

Ignou, ONGC,

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Diffusion of light in the atmosphere takes place due to (a) Carbon dioxide (b) Dust particles (c) Helium (d) Water vapours

AP Postal Circle, HAS, Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services HPAS, Sri Chaitanya, TVS,

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In India, the first bank of limited liability managed by Indians and founded in 1881 was (a) Hindustan Commercial Bank (b) Oudh Commercial Bank (c) Punjab National Bank (d) Punjab and Sind Bank

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Among the following cities, which one is nearest to the Tropic of Cancer? (a) Delhi (b) Kolkata (c) Jodhpur (d) Nagpur

UPHJS Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service,

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Which one of the following Bills must be passed by each house of the Indian Parliament separately, by a special majority? (a) Ordinary Bill (b) Money Bill (c) Finance Bill (d) Constitution Amendment Bill

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In which one of the following countries is Rupee its currency? (a) Bhutan (b) Malaysia (c) Maldives (d) Seychelles

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Which one of the following countries is landlocked? (a) Bolivia (b) Peru (c) Suriname (d) Uruguay

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Among the following planets, which one takes maximum time for one revolution around the Sun? (a) Earth (b) Jupiter (c) Mars (d) Venus

Jupiter, State Bank Of India SBI,

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state the seven wonders of the world which is located in india?


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what is non cenvatable duty? How it can be calculated? Is it difers from item to item?


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when did the fall of bastille happen?


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Please give institutes or college name, which will convert life experience into a valid diploma in engineering in india


how much period of time to consider the current affairs(appsc group-2 perpose)


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http in Internet address is ?


The charge of impeachment against the president of India for his removal can be preferred by ? a) Rajya Sabha b) Lok Sabha c) Speaker of Lok Sabha and Chairman of Rajya