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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Which one of the following is not a federal feature of our Constitution? (a) Written Constitution (b) Single Citizenship (c) Double set of government (d) Fundamental Rights

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Which one of the following is a unitary feature of our Constitution? (a) Fundamental Rights (b) Constitution as the main law of the land (c) Emergency powers of the President (d) Double set of Government

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Which one of the following is a federal feature of our Constitution? (a) Single Citizenship (b) Single Constitution (c) Double sets of government at National and State level (d) Single Election Commission

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Which one of the following is not a unitary feature of our Constitution? (a) Double sets of government at National and State levels (b) More powers to the Central Government (c) Unequal Representation in the Rajya Sabha (d) Appointment of the State Governors by the President

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Which one of the following features make our Constitution Unitary? (a) Emergency Powers of the Centre (b) Imposition of President?s Rule in a State (c) Union Government?s power to issue directions to the State Governments (d) Residuary Powers with the Union Parliament

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Who said, ?The new Constitution (of India) establishes, indeed, a system of government which is at the most quasi-federal, almost devolutionary in character: a unitary State with subsidiary federal features rather than the federal State with unitary features?? (a) Dr. K. C. Wheare (b) S. L. K. Ivor Jennings (c) Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru (d) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

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Which one of the following reasons compelled the Fathers of the Indian Constitution to provide for a strong Centre in India? (a) To check the centrifugal forces (b) Widespread communal riots in India at the time of partition (c) Uniform development and progress of the country as a whole (d) To solve refugee problem, food problem, problem of law and order, etc., which existed at the time of Independence

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Which one of the following is not correct? (a) India is a Secular State (b) India is a Theocracy (c) A Secular State has one official religion (d) None of these

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Which one of the following is incorrect? (a) Our Constitution does not discriminate against any citizen on the ground of his religion in matters of employment of public services or holding public offices (b) Our Constitution does not prohibit the imparting of religious instruction in educational institutions run by the Government (c) The Constitution of India guarantees to all the citizens of India, the right to profess, practise and propagate a religion of their choice (d) No person can be made to pay taxes for the promotion of any particular religion under our Constitution

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The Constitution of India (a) Establishes the supremacy of Parliament over the Executive and Judiciary (b) Makes Supreme Court so powerful so as to make both the Parliament and the Executive subservient to it (c) Makes specific provisions for superiority of the Executive over Parliament and Judiciary (d) Establishes happy blending of three organs of state, executive, legislature and courts

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For the amendment of the Indian Constitution there are (a) Four methods (b) Two methods (c) Three methods (d) Five methods

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Which one of the following is not correct? (a) There is no uniform procedure for amending the Indian Constitution (b) The State Legislatures do not possess the right to initiate the amendment of the Constitution (c) There is a provision of referendum in the Indian Constitution (d) The proposal for amending the Indian Constitution can be initiated in either House of the Parliament

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Which of the following provisions of our Constitution can be amended by the method of simple majority by the Union Parliament? (a) Creation of new States or changing the boundaries of the existing States (b) The creation or abolition of Second Chambers in the States (c) Qualifications for Indian citizenship (d) Administration of Scheduled and Tribal Areas

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For amending the provisions concerning the election of the President of India, which of the following process is wrong?The proposal for the amendment must be passed (a) By both the Houses of parliament by a majority of the total membership (b) By a two-third majority of the members present and voting in each House on the day votes are cast (c) By all the State Assemblies (d) None of these

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Since its formation how many times the Constitution has been amended upto 2003 (in last 53 years) ? (a) 50 (b) 70 (c) 90 (d) 100

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