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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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In which of the following cases, the Supreme Court held that the Preamble contained the basic features of the Constitution? (a) A.K. Gopalan v State of Madras (b) Re Berburai Union (c) Sajjan Singh v State of Rajasthan (d) Keshwanand Bharati v State of Kerala

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Which of the following words have been added to the Preamble of our Constitution under the Forty-second Amendment ? (a) Justice and Liberty (b) Liberty and Fraternity (c) Fraternity and Justice (d) Socialist and Secular

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Which one of the following is not among the sources of the Constitution of India? (a) Debates of the Constituent Assembly (b) Opinions of the Constitutional Jurists (c) Debates of the British Parliament (d) Enactments of the Indian Parliament


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From which of the following Constitutions we have not borrowed any feature? (a) Constitution of U.S.A. (b) Constitution of China (c) Constitution of Canada (d) Constitution of U.K.

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The Cabinet system of government in India is based upon the Cabinet system as prevailing in (a) U.K. (b) U.S.A. (c) Canada (d) Japan

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Which one of the following features we have not borrowed from the Constitution of U.K.? (a) Parliamentary type of government (b) Two Houses of Parliament (c) Privileges of the Members of Parliament (d) Supreme Court

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The Fundamental Rights in our Constitution are inspired by the Constitution of (a) U.S.A. (b) U.K. (c) Switzerland (d) Russia

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Which one of the following features we have not borrowed from the Constitution of U.S.A.? (a) Supreme Court (b) Written Constitution (c) The powers of the President of India (d) The Federal System of the Government of India

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From the Constitution of Canada we have borrowed the scheme of our (a) Fundamental Rights (b) Federation (c) Directive Principles of State Policy (d) Supreme Court

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From the Constitution of Ireland we have borrowed the concept of (a) Supreme Court (b) Fundamental Rights (c) Directive Principles of State Policy (d) Unitary type of Government

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Which one of the following is not a salient feature of the Constitution of India? (a) Written Constitution (b) Sovereign, Socialist, Secular and Democratic Republic (c) Rigid Constitution (d) Parliamentary type of Government

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Which one of the following is not a salient feature of the Indian Constitution? (a) Partly Unitary and Partly Federal Constitution (b) A Secular State (c) Universal Adult Franchise (d) Double Citizenship

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In India the Judiciary is (a) Independent (b) Under the Parliament (c) Under the President (d) Under the Prime Minister

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Our Constitution grants universal adult franchise to all those men and women who have attained the age of (a) 20 years (b) 21 years (c) 18 years (d) 25 years

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Which one of the following statements is correct? (a) The Indian Constitution is federal in form but unitary in spirit (b) The Indian Constitution is unitary in form but federal in spirit (c) The Indian Constitution is purely federal (d) None of these

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