Manual Testing Interview Questions
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why u can choose manual tasting

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I m having SRS.In Manual Testing,how am I going to decide whether to pass particular test case or not from that SRS??

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Question on desktop Application: In my machine MS Word is working fine and in other machine it is not even launching. Note: OS, platform, build and environment is same


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explain me traceability matrix in brief....?

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what are the "steps to reproduce" for any bug?

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what is functional testing?Explain with one example?And when we use functional testing in your project???


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Please is there any one working with ITR.COM? Having interview with them. Any tips will help.



Write the test cases for file transfer from one user to other from Google Drive/drop box?

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Which testing is called as "confidence Testing"?


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What is Concurrency Testing?


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Write the 10 high test cases for making video call/face time



Write the test cases for credit card accessing the money transfer

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What if the client finds a defect after delivering the product? How will you react and justify?

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How do you measure a quality of the product ?

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Hi there!!! Im Varun...i've completed my B.Sc in im woriking in pharmaceitical i want to shift to IT field..for that ive learned Manual i want to put 1+ years fake..wat my doubt s can i manage as fresher or any problem???suggest me im confused????

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Explain briefly your project.


define Testing of Procedure, Triggers and Functions in data base testing ?


where can i learn domain knowledge? how cab i gain domain knowledge? what types of Questions can be asked in domain(BFSI)? PLZ REPLY ME


When first time we are testing the screen then we have to write that this screen should contains so & so columns [ suppose there r 10 columns on that screen]in the expected result


Define Stability, Scalability and reliability with example ?


Write test cases on duster


i need some objective type papers for my certification


in the account there is 10,000 rupees and i entered 20000, in this case how will you test the application


When have you had to focus on data integrity?


There is only requirements document. You have 10 days and 8 resources to release the system.At the end of the 8th day u tell ur TL that system is ready for release. How will you proceed with the testing process or in other words what all approach you will follow once you get requirements


Hi there Does anybody can respond to my Questions? Is some one there to answer my Questions posted in Software testing category.pls E-mail to


iam having 2+yr sof exp in manual testing, at present working in chennai,want to relocte to hyd .if any openings let me id :


hai friends i need a general test cases for check box,drop down button and radio butoon can anybody reply me plz..........thanks in advance


can anyone tell me few critical bugs in ecommerce project.


what are the testing appraoch that you have tested for Bread toaster