Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is the test metrics followed if its a small scale company i mean not a cmm level company

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friends i know what is regression testing but i need an real time example from any of the projects..

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can anyone tell anyone is providing training for CSTE exam in bangalore? and can u send some links related to this?


hi friends i have a question while the files are uploading into the web server(for storing)..... securely......... what is the meaning securely.......its regarding virus threating or user authentication.... the files are video files these are ripping and converted into .flv format pls clarify ..........thanks in advance......


what is testing? What is software testing? how can i write test case on pen?


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hi friends .......... from srs to signoff what r the tests the testing team will conduct either sequentially or parallel pls advice thanks in advance


Hi Friends.... anyone know who is giving coaching for CSTE exam in bangalore....pls inform me that would be helpful for me...Thankx in advance.

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can any one define V-V testing?....thanks in advance

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What is Test Pack in software testing? OR What Test Pack consist of?

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what is the difference b/w test scenario and test case? pls explain with one example the preparation of both? thanks in advance ................

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How to explian the V model. Diagram not required but iwant the answer gnerally No Diagram explanation plzzzzzzzzzz..

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Write 2 scenarios for System testing?


Write 2 scenarios for Integration testing? Please let me know its urgent.


What is the difference found during the Web Page testing & Desktop testing?

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If u have to test the web page application & name, date & email are the important fields then how will u test it in the negative way?

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1.What is configuration Management? 2. Explain Impact Analysis 3. Explain Peer Review 4. what i kickoff phase of Formal Review. 5. Whatv are the phases of fundamental test process. 6. what is state transition testing. 7. what is LCSAJ 8. Test conditions are derived from where?


What do you mean by Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, and User Acceptance Testing and when do you do them?


how do u manage scripts in winrunner when you application is changing frequently?


1. what is a date guidelines ?


How to find bug in photos and videos ??


hi everybody, iam Adi Durga, i complited my bsc(computers) in 2008.I have experience in finacial and bpo companys(mnc). but iam intersted on s/w role.I have the technical skills c, c++, Oracle 9i and manual testing. But i dont know hoe to strat my career in s/w. Every company offering on financial/bpo side. In this I attended nearly 10 companies,I selected in 8. All those are bpo and finacial, But i cant get any opportunities on s/w side.plz help how to get opportunites on s/w side. Actually I am interested on testing side. But every company offering for only experienced persons. plz help me. this is my mailid....


What is Bomb Testing?


What are the RBI rules has to follow by a bank for online precesseing. ?


please give information about ERP Projects and how V-model use in project


Is there any procedure of web-site development in manual testing. If yes what are factors we should test?


What are testing techniques? What is difference between general and specific?


through which phases a software ttester need to pass like as a junnior test engineer,team lead,project lead,etc.? which is the final stage of your promotion and how will u achieve?


Hi If anyone from banglore want to know the real time senario like writting Test cases and how things actually happens in a company. I am taking a 2 hours class which will cover all the real time experiance and guidence for job. classes are counducted only at weekends. for further queries mail me at Vinodh Anandhan Software Test Engineer


You may be overqualified for this position we have to offer


what are the status have in QC(Test Management Tool). and how you report?