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Canada Visa Interview Questions
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Can anyone share frequently asked questions during an interview for Canadian Visa?

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what type of question they ask during an interview when u coming to canada on point system?

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what are the questions they will ask from me ?

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what are the documents required for applying for soudiarabia driver required in canada ?

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what type of question they will ask from soudiarabia driver who is apply for canada?

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Hi,my name is R.S and for the first time i am going to apply to visa for canada.Related jobs so i want to know what kind of quations they will ask to me and how i should answer of that quation??plz reply to me

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Can a President of a certain country command the USA Ambassador in the same country to issue a visa ? I mean a sort of influence?


Why you want to go to canada?


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wat type of questions are asked during the interview for live n care giver

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what if you get a canada degree in india ,would you like to go to canada again for higher studies?

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i got 88% in ssc,89% in inter,1020 in GRE,89 in toefland 50% in engineering with 15-20 backlogs is there any chance to get admission for masters in top universities of canada?

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if the person don't have funds so he is not go to canada on work permit.

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My name is gaurav sharma and i have my cotract letter and L.M.O with me but i don't have good funds in my accounts,so can i go to canada or not

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Hi all, i completed my with 65.62% in 2006. can i get student visa for canada. If so Please tell me the process for that.and how much will cost for doing M.S. is part time jobs available are there?

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Tell me about your greatest achievement and greatest disappointment?


How much travel is involved?


hi, i completed my with 70% marks in 2008 in ece (electronics & comm)& now i'm planning to go to centennial college for a post graduate course in electronics. can i get a visa.? & what should i do about the gap in my study?


wat type of questions are asked during the interview for study visa


What type off questions are asked in canadian live in caregiver interview and also how i should dress up? and does it really effect?plzzzzzzzzz answer this question coz i m called for interview next month. help me and god bless u all....


What is the public image of the company?


What are the greatest strengths of this departmentand company?


Are you considering other positions at this time?


what will do after completion of your course ?


Why isn't this job being filled from within?


I did B.Pharma and i have 11 year experience in quality control department of pharmaceutical plant. I wish to go to Canada for job. How i can proceed. Please reply if any one can help.


Hi I am indian citizen a business man with good business records & exports unfortunately i could never get time or never applied passport & thr was no need as i didnt had to travel anywhere now i recently got my passport first time & i wish to travel either canada or london or US everyone ( Tour & travel ppl ) i talk to they says first go to few countries & thn apply for US or canada i have proper business records and i maintain a good worth & i am doing business with american associates they have been to me 10 times & now they want i should go to them i am confuessed i hate to be rejected just because i have new passport & i have never been to any country please suggest or please anyone has same experience or anything i will be thankfull Thx friends


which type company internet thru select


What is your leadership style?


What qualifications are you looking for in the person who fills this job?