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Canada Visa Interview Questions
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What have you done to improve yourself during the past year?


If you could relive the last 15 years, what changes would you make?


Tell me about your greatest achievement and greatest disappointment?


What are some of your weaknesses?


Tell me about the best and worst bosses you've ever had.


What constructive criticism have you received from employers?


Everybody has pet peeves. What are yours?


What else do you think I should know about you?


When did you leave your last job and why?


How long have you been out of work?


What have you been doing since you left your last job?


What did you like most and least about your last job?


At your last job, how much of the work did you perform independently?


At your last job, how much was performed by a team?


Do you prefer working independently or as part of a team?


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What prevented you from advancing in your former positions?


i will take an interview test to visit Canada (visit my sister in Canada) in Bangkok in very soon, so what will question that will expect to asking me?


What are the initial projects for which I would be responsible?


why are you selected canadian college?


Does the company plan to expand?


Why do you want to go into this field?


Hi, Iam applying for Canadian Business Visa in the coming days, the problem is that I have a gap of 1 (one) year regarding my income tax returns. Would it be a problem? Can I be refused? though I am attaching all my previous years Income Tax Returns Papers with the application along with this years returns, I am being sposored by my company for business visit to do Analysis of Requiremnts.


How much travel is involved?


Hi my name is tony i was PR in Australia in skilled visa category. my lawyer did some bad things and after 2 years i got my visa cancelled. Now after marriage we have applied for canada on skilled category and main applicant is my wife. first we got approval from nova scotia canada and now they called us for an interview, we are in so much tension that can they check the earlier records or can they ask questions regarding my visa in australia on my passport there is no visa cancelled stamp. can somebody help i have my brother living in canada on permanent basis. we have interview after 2 weeks can somebody help us please??


I will make a interview test to visit my sister in Kingston Ontario that will make place at Bangkok Thailand, and I worry that what kind of question will asking me? please give any idea for this case?


How does the organization rank within its field?


Are you switching careers?


IM FROM MEXICO, my husband and my baby are canadian cityzens, my status right now its as a visitor (one entry) and my residence is in process, we like to travel to europe, its possible to do that and re entry to canada without a problem? tank you very much


What could you contribute to our facility?


hi now i am pursuing hotel management degree after that i would like to go for a higher studies in Canada for MBA.what are the MBA courses available in Canada according to hotel management?what are the requirement i need to curry for the higher study?fee details about MBA and diploma? thank you