ASP.NET Interview Questions
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What are runtime hosts?


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Is overloading possible in web services?


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What is machine.config and web.config ?

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About web methods and its various attributes ?

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What is the difference between session state and session variables ?

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How do you pass session values from one page to another ?

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What are the various authentication mechanisms in ASP.NET ?

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Any disadvantages in Dataset and in reflection ?

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What is runtime host ?

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How to send a DataReader as a parameter to a remote client ?

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Types of state management techniques ?

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How to check null values in dataset ?

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Types of caching ?

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Can we store PROGID information in database and dynamically load the component ?

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Any disadvantages in Dataset and in reflection ?


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I have an external link in my application say Today this site works on http protocal. Tommorow it may run on https. So i cant hardcore the protocal in the site. When a user clicks on the link how can i know if the external site works on http or https and takes him to that place?


Why is the standalone environment only useful during the development process?


is gateway for sms continue connected for sending


explain code with multi inhertance


i want to implement grid view value in paypal site. so how to create this code in with C#


What is the compiled object?


How can we update records in gridview?Is there any appropriate code for it?


if i want to give an alert message like "try after sometime" to a web page which is being seen by other person.if a web page is not seen by anyone then it should display otherwise it show a display a message stating that other person is viewing so try after some can i implement this.


Which tool you have done?


In early binding will the method invoked on com component will verify it?s existance in the system or not ?


what cut off mark for po's,what questions they asked for interview?


Write some code using interfaces, virtual methods, and an abstract class`


1.what is the application pool. 2.what is the HttpModile and Http Handler. 3.C# 3.0 Features ? 4.Anonoymous Type,methopd and claas in 3.0? 5.difference between statsic and const ? 6.session vs application 7.state management clint side and server side ? 8.Genric list 9.c# 3.0 vs 3.5


14. What are your Future Plans for Swatz Oils GROUP U.K?


Any one can tell how we store tiff format images in database and retrive from the database(need for tiff format only)