ASP.NET Interview Questions
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What are runtime hosts?


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Is overloading possible in web services?


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What is machine.config and web.config ?

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About web methods and its various attributes ?

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What is the difference between session state and session variables ?

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How do you pass session values from one page to another ?

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What are the various authentication mechanisms in ASP.NET ?

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Any disadvantages in Dataset and in reflection ?

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What is runtime host ?

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How to send a DataReader as a parameter to a remote client ?

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Types of state management techniques ?

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How to check null values in dataset ?

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Types of caching ?

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Can we store PROGID information in database and dynamically load the component ?

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Any disadvantages in Dataset and in reflection ?


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3. What goals do you have in your career?


1.can we add connection string in global.asax?????????? 2.what are the default files included when we create new web application????


a web application needs to be created to accept the product name and quantity of a toy from a customer. After the customer has entered the product name the application needs to display the discounted price of the product to the customer (company is offering 35% discount on all products). The application should allow the customer to select the product name from a list box. and also while i'm data binding to a label with custom data binding with some declarations : "The Discounted Price is "+((System.Convert.todouble(lblprodprice.text)*(system.convert.todouble(txtqty.text)) - ((System.convert.todouble(lblprodprice.text)*(system.convert.todouble(txtqty.text)*0.35)). Where i need to give this declaration in 2.0.


what is meant by sitemapnode ?


How about the security in Activex DLL and Activex EXE ?


Why is the standalone environment only useful during the development process?


COM+ Used ________________ Isolation Level


can any one find and tell the difference between dot net and php which one is best ? which one we get more salary? which one is stable and which one is best for freshers and also better in future and carrer ? which one we wil get more salary sir ? please send ur valuable suggestions to


what cut off mark for po's,what questions they asked for interview?


What are Session states available and its Uses?


Am not able to move the controls on the form freely in 3.5 even though I selected the position as relative or absolute for those controls. What should I do to overcome this?


In early binding will the method invoked on com component will verify it?s existance in the system or not ?


What would be salary for 8+ years of experience in ASP.NET in different metro city in india?


there is two functions function a and function b like fun a(){.... ..... } fun b() { } in function b i write the coding to add two numbers and i need to dispaly the sum result in function a with out using global variable. how we do?


How Session outproc in Sqlserver stored?