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ASP.NET Interview Questions
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Where would you use an IHttpModule, and what are the limitations of anyapproach you might take in implementing one?

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What is the use of web.config? Difference between machine.config and Web.config?

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What is the use of sessionstate tag in the web.config file?

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What are the different modes for the sessionstates in the web.config file?

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What is smart navigation?

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How would you get ASP.NET running in Apache web servers - why would you even do this?

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What tags do you need to add within the asp:datagrid tags to bind columns manually

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What base class do all Web Forms inherit from?

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What is a WebService and what is the underlying protocol used in it? Namespace?

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Why Web Services?

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Explain the life cycle of an ASP .NET page

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How do you validate the controls in an ASP .NET page?

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Can the validation be done in the server side? Or this can be done only in the Client side?

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How to manage pagination in a page?

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How to convert a string into an Integer in

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which one is more flexibility and reliability and durability (VS)php which one is best and which one we do nice to create dynamic websites


What is the difference between cache and cookies?


What are client activated objects and server activated objects?


How asynchronous call can be implemented using delegates?


Can I stream live content/events?


What are the different method of navigation in


How to unit test Web API?


What are Caching techniques in .NET


What is difference between and asp?


How to deploy/publish webservices?How many ways?Plz explain me


Are cookies client side or server side?


What is query string in


Explain the advantages of passport authentication.


Asp pages that worked pefectly on windows 2000 server and iis 5.0 do not work on windows 2003 server with iis 6.0. pages work fine. Why?


How does session authentication work?