What is the use of sessionstate tag in the web.config file?

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Answer / p.ramakrishna

Configuring session state: Session state features can be
configured via the <sessionState> section in a web.config
file. To double the default timeout of 20 minutes, you can
add the following to the web.config file of an application:

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Answer / eduardo belmonte

SessionState tag is used to define session attributes.
One very important is Mode which can have values: "state
server", "SqlServer", "InProc"; depending how you want to
preserve session state.
"State server" is used if you want the state to be
preserved in other server.
"SqlServer" is used if you want the state to be preserved
on a SQL database.
"InProc" is used if you want the state to be preserved in
the same process where the asp.net page is running.

Other attributes that are also included for the
SessionState tag are: ConnectionString,
SqLConnectionString, userId, password, cookiless, tiemout.

if the session state is going to be preserved in other
server, or can be ""SqlServer" if session state is going to
be preserved in a SQL database

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