ASP.NET Interview Questions
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How can you debug an ASP page, without touching the code?

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What is SQL injection?

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How can u handle Exceptions in Asp.Net?

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How can u handle Un Managed Code Exceptions in ASP.Net?

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1 6119 - How to find last error which occurred?


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How to do Caching in ASP?

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What is the Global ASA(X) File?

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Any alternative to avoid name collisions other then Namespaces?

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Which is the namespace used to write error message in event Log File?

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What are the page level transaction and class level transaction?


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What are different transaction options?


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What is the namespace for encryption?

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What is the difference between application and cache variables?


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What is the difference between control and component?

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You ve defined one page_load event in aspx page and same page_load event in code behind how will prog run?


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what cut off mark for po's,what questions they asked for interview?


What should you do is you want to remove an existing component but would like to make some funtionalities?


a web application needs to be created to accept the product name and quantity of a toy from a customer. After the customer has entered the product name the application needs to display the discounted price of the product to the customer (company is offering 35% discount on all products). The application should allow the customer to select the product name from a list box. and also while i'm data binding to a label with custom data binding with some declarations : "The Discounted Price is "+((System.Convert.todouble(lblprodprice.text)*(system.convert.todouble(txtqty.text)) - ((System.convert.todouble(lblprodprice.text)*(system.convert.todouble(txtqty.text)*0.35)). Where i need to give this declaration in 2.0.


9. Why should we hire you over the others waiting to be interviewed?


Can the dictionary object be created in client?s scope ?


if i want to give an alert message like "try after sometime" to a web page which is being seen by other person.if a web page is not seen by anyone then it should display otherwise it show a display a message stating that other person is viewing so try after some can i implement this.


How do you declare delegates and are delegates and events one and the same and explain how do you declare delegates and invoke them ?


How to communicate via Remote proxy with Client? a)MarshalByRef b)Marshal by Value or Any thing else?


is gateway for sms continue connected for sending


what are the security certificates used in webservices?


How can we communicate with each server in N-tier Architecture? and what are the methods?


Take a Large textbox allow to type any data. Task 1:display the count of vowels in a lable on key press event of the textbox Task 2:dispaly count of dates in a lable when dates in following foramats:dd/mm/yy , mm/dd/yy , yy/mm/dd. Task3:compare 2 dates and display both are same or not which dates are in dd/mm/yy and mm/dd/yy farmats.


can s/w quality assurance engineer switch field to programming side i m very much interested in programming but not much good in it


What is HTTPModule and HTTPcontext? What is the use of each?


while developing webservices if i want some users to use my webservice only how can i give security to my webservice?