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C Sharp Interview Questions
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What is Abstraction?

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What happens in synchronisation?

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Write code for palindrome?

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write code for Factorial?

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coding for delegates?

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Difference between C++ and

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Can an Assembly have multiple versions


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what is the difference between interface and abstraction?

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what are the advantages of c# over

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why instance? what are the uses of instance?

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what is a constructor?

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Does c# supports destructors?

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How do you remove the objects which are not in use?Explicitly or implicitly?What is the exact mechanism going behind?

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what is a delegate? what it is used for?

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what are the events in delegate?

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What is semaphore in c#?


What are the collections in c#?


Is concurrent queue thread safe?


What is difference between encapsulation and abstraction in c#?


Define property in


What is serialization and deserialization in c# with example?


What is difference between dynamic and var in c#?


What is the main purpose of xml?


What is entity framework in c#?


What is assembly c#?


What are the types of class in c#?


Is string a primitive data type in c#?


What is difference between dictionary and hashtable in c#?


How do you declare a method in c#?


What is data type in c# with example?