Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions
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 What is the output of the given statement in LISP? * (Setf part-bins (make-array ‘(4))) a) #Done b) #4 c) #(0 0 0 0) d) None of the mentioned

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 What is the output of the given statement in LISP? * (setf bins (make-array 2 :initial-element ‘e)) a) E b) E E c) E E E d) E E E E

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 What is the output of the given statement  in LISP? * (setf part (make-array ‘(8 8))) a) 8 b) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 c) 0 0 0 0 d) 8 rows of 0

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 What is the output of the given statement in LISP? * (setf bins (make-array 4 :initial-element ‘e)) * (aref bins 0) a) E b) 0 c) 4 d) None of the mentioned

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 What is the output of the given statement in LISP? * (Setf part-bins (make-array ‘(4))) * (setf (aref part-bins 0) ‘nails); * (setf (aref part-bins 1) ‘nuts); * (setf (aref part-bins 2) ‘bolts) * (setf (aref part-bins 3) ‘bike) * (aref part-bins 2) * (setf (aref part-bins 4) ‘car) a) Nails b) Nuts c) 2 d) Error

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 Explain what is prolog programming language? What is it based on?

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Name the sector where prolog programming language is used?

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 Explain why PROLOG language is stated as a procedural language?

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Explain what is List structures in Prolog?

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 Why in prolog it is said that Program and Data are the same thing?

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 Mention who is referred as a Member in Prolog?

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 Mention what is the difference between = and = = in Prolog?

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 Explain why matching variable is important in Prolog? What is the method to match variables?

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 Explain what is recursion in Prolog?

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 Explain what is SWI-Prolog?

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Un-Answered Questions { Artificial Intelligence }

Define shallow knowledge and deep knowledge.


 A problem solving approach works well for a) 8-Puzzle problem b) 8-queen problem c) Finding a optimal path from a given source to a destination d) Mars Hover (Robot Navigation)


Consider the following algorithm: for ( i = 2 ; i <= n ; i++) { for ( j = 0 ; j <= n) { cout << i << j ; j = j + floor(n/4) ; } } (a) What is the output when n = 4 (b) What is the time complexity T(n). You may assume that n is divisible 4.


use of intranet facility in infosys


is this artificial intelligence lives over the other software programes and their flexiblity


Specify the agent architecture name that is used to capture all kinds of actions. a) Complex b) Relational c) Hybrid d) None of the mentioned


The problem-solving agent with several immediate options of unknown value can decide what to do by just examining different possible sequences of actions that lead to states of known value, and then choosing the best sequence. This process of looking for such a sequence is called Search. State True or False a) True b) False


What kind of environment is strategic in artificial intelligence? a) Deterministic b) Rational c) Partial d) Stochastic


How many successors are generated in backtracking search? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4


A complete, local search algorithm always finds goal if one exists, an optimal algorithm always finds a global minimum/maximum. State whether True or False. a) True b) False


 Which is used to improve the performance of heuristic search? a) Quality of nodes b) Quality of heuristic function c) Simple form of nodes d) None of the mentioned


Which of the following algorithm is online search algorithm? a) Breadth-first search algorithm b) Depth-first search algorithm c) Hill-climbing search algorithm d) None of the mentioned


Which technology uses miniaturized accelerometers and gyroscopes? a) Sensors b) Actuators c) MEMS d) None of the mentioned


Where does the performance measure is included? a) Rational agent b) Task environment c) Actuators d) Sensor


What is not represented by using propositional logic? a) Objects b) Relations c) Both a & b d) None of the mentioned