Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions
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 What is the output of the given statement in LISP? * (Setf part-bins (make-array ‘(4))) a) #Done b) #4 c) #(0 0 0 0) d) None of the mentioned

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 What is the output of the given statement in LISP? * (setf bins (make-array 2 :initial-element ‘e)) a) E b) E E c) E E E d) E E E E

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 What is the output of the given statement  in LISP? * (setf part (make-array ‘(8 8))) a) 8 b) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 c) 0 0 0 0 d) 8 rows of 0

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 What is the output of the given statement in LISP? * (setf bins (make-array 4 :initial-element ‘e)) * (aref bins 0) a) E b) 0 c) 4 d) None of the mentioned

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 What is the output of the given statement in LISP? * (Setf part-bins (make-array ‘(4))) * (setf (aref part-bins 0) ‘nails); * (setf (aref part-bins 1) ‘nuts); * (setf (aref part-bins 2) ‘bolts) * (setf (aref part-bins 3) ‘bike) * (aref part-bins 2) * (setf (aref part-bins 4) ‘car) a) Nails b) Nuts c) 2 d) Error

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 Explain what is prolog programming language? What is it based on?

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Name the sector where prolog programming language is used?

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 Explain why PROLOG language is stated as a procedural language?

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Explain what is List structures in Prolog?

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 Why in prolog it is said that Program and Data are the same thing?

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 Mention who is referred as a Member in Prolog?

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 Mention what is the difference between = and = = in Prolog?

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 Explain why matching variable is important in Prolog? What is the method to match variables?

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 Explain what is recursion in Prolog?

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 Explain what is SWI-Prolog?

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Un-Answered Questions { Artificial Intelligence }

The game of Poker is a single agent. a) True b) False


Which is used to select the particular environment to run the agent? a) Environment creator b) Environment Generator c) Both a & b d) None of the mentioned


Which agent enables the deliberation about the computational entities and actions? a) Hybrid b) Reflective c) Relational d) None of the mentioned


What is the output of the given statement? * (defclass article() ((title :accessor article-title :initarg :title) (author :accessor article-author :initarg :author))) * (defclass computer-article (article) ()) * (defclass business-article (article) ()) * (defclass political-article (article) ()) * (setf articles (list (make-instance ‘business-article :title “Memory Prices down”))) a) Business article b) Political article c) Business article


_________________ are mathematical problems defined as a set of objects whose state must satisfy a number of constraints or limitations. a) Constraints Satisfaction Problems b) Uninformed Search Problems c) Local Search Problems d) Only a) and b)


How to use a Bot or Intelligent Agent on the Web?


One of the main cons of hill-climbing search is, a) Terminates at local optimum b) Terminates at global optimum c) Does not find optimum solution d) Fail to find a solution


Suggest me sites relating to the Accounting Procedures/to gain more knowledge regarding the accounts which will be in simplified model


Where does the Bayes rule can be used? a) Solving queries b) Increasing complexity c) Decreasing complexity d) Answering probabilistic query


What kind of behavior does the stochastic environment posses? a) Local b) Deterministic c) Ratioanl d) Primary


 In many problems the path to goal is irrelevant, this class of problems can be solved using, a) Informed Search Techniques b) Uninformed Search Techniques c) Local Search Techniques d) Only a and b


Performance Measures are fixed for all agents. State true or false a) True b) False


Though local search algorithms are not systematic, key advantages would include a) Less memory b) More time c) Finds a solution in large infinite space d) No optimum solution


You're implementing a medieval strategy game in which pikemen should always walk in front of archers, and catapults should always be behind the archers. Explain how you could implement the movement system to ensure that you keep pikemen in front and catapults in the rear as much as possible. Explain how your answer might be different depending on whether or not the units simply need to end up in that configuration when they reach that destination, or if they need to maintain that formation while moving.


Which functions are used as preferences over state history? a) Award b) Reward c) Explicit d) Implicit