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General Aptitude Interview Questions
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Sir, i want SBI clerical exam papers with answers(previous)

State Bank Of India SBI,

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In how many ways can 5 girls and 3 boys be seated in a row so that no two boys are together?


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Hi... this is pankaj (final yr chemical engg)..i am appearing for officer trainee exam at 22nd feb.. plz tell me which book to refer for hpcl exam aptitude test and plz help if anyone has any clue about technical test..mail me at


3978 + 112 x 2 = ? ÷ 2 (a)8180 (b)2101 (c)4090 (d)8404 (e)None of these

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hi friends...m doing finaliar petrochemical eng...m going to attend HPCL written n feb..i hav searched lot for tat placement paper..i cant get t..if u people knew abt tat..if u help me i l never forget u...pls..


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Hi frds, can any one send me previous soved question papers of SBI clerical mail id is in Advance


If asked you, why you want to regin the current company/organisition


I have apptitude test for HPCL on 22 feb.2009. so,i need test question papers of that. Please help me......


If anybody have apptitude test papers for HPCL. Pls, mail me on

HPCL, Pharma,

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Will u plz provide me the syllabus for the IOB clerical aptitude exam2009.And also plz send some sample question papers for the same.

Indian Overseas Bank,

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tellme 2 mintes importance of media


Hi...Does anyone know wat is the paper pattern for NIC( National Informatics Center) paper pattern??? Please let me know by this week..Thanks.


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I have applied for IOb and APGVB Recruitment.Can anyone pls send me the Aptitude Questions For Bank Recruitments


If any body has Aptitude Q & papers related to banks exam plz do email me at


what sort of questions may be asked



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A car is filled with four and half gallons of oil for full round trip. fuel is taken 1/4 gallons mor3 in going than coming. what is the fiel consumed in coming up?


I am writing the APSRTC OUT i dont know the managerial aptitude.If any one know about this or refer any book, please give the information to my Mail id is


Complete the series 2, 7, 24, 77,__ (hint: 2*12= 24, 7*11= 77, therefore 24*10=


Dear Sir/ Madam, Kindly send me the model question answers for RRB-Technician Signal(Physics/Maths) to


How is the father of the man ,who is the brother of the only aunt of my brother related to me?


Six squares of same dimension are kept side by side to make a rectangle with a perimeter of 182 cm. what is the perimeter of each square.


Can someone please send me the question paper for graduate level both tier 1 and tier 2 with detailed solution of maths exam (Tier 2). Please,suggest me the ways and books to prepare for this exam.Please, send this answer on my email Id


City B is 5 miles east of City A. City C is 10 miles southeast of City B. Which of the following is the closest to the distance from City A to City C?


A building with height D shadow upto G. What is the height of a neighbouring building with a shadow of C


If f(0)=1 and f(n)= f(n-1)*n, find the value of f(4).


Write a C Program to declare an array for 2 0 floats. Accept the values from the user sort the two arrays in descending order. Merge the two arrays into a new array and display the new array.


How many different 9 digit numbers can be formed from the number 223355888 by re-arranging its digits so that the odd digits occupy even position?


During the early months of 2009, some economists concluded that the slew of U.S. government programs created during the fall of 2008 to stabilize an economy marked by an absence of credit, a wave of enormous asset write downs, a precipitous decline in housing prices, and a historic loss of consumer confidence _________________ has not succeeded in engendering healthy intra-bank credit flows and reviving depressed equity prices has not succeeded in engendering healthy intra-bank credit flows and bringing about the revival of have not succeeded in engendering healthy intra-bank credit flows and reviving depressed equity prices have not succeeded in engendering healthy intra-bank credit flows and to revive depressed equity prices


Petrol prices increased by 40% expected hike in taxi & auto charges so, people may use public transport systems. What do you infer?


A person has his own coach&whenever he goes to railway station he takes his coach.One day he was supposed to reach the railway station at 5 O'clock.But he finished his work early and reached at 3 O'clock. Then he rung up his residence and asked to send the coach immediately. He came to know that the coach has left just now to the railway station.He thought that the coach has left just now to the railway station.He thought that he should not waste his time and started moving towards his residence at the speed of 3min/hr.On the way,he gets the coach and reaches home at 6 o'clock.How far is his residence from railway station.