Visual Basic Interview Questions
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What is the purpose of the AutoRedraw property on a form or container?

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what are Collections?

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What kind of components can you use as DCOM servers?


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What is a thread pool and how are the threads within a thread pool managed?


What are some methods you can use to send data from one VB executable to another one?


What are the differences between a standard module and a class module?

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How many tabs in a tabbed dialog do you consider appropriate?


what is the Need of zorder method?

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How many no of controls are there in form?


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what is the Property used to add a menus at runtime?


what is the Property used to count number of items in a combobox?

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what is the property to resize a label control according to your caption?

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To set the command button for ESC, Which property needs to be changed?

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what is Type Library and what it's purpose?

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Is VB comes under Object Oriented Programming ?

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What is the difference between Msgbox Statement and MsgboxQ function?


What type of databases you can access through ADO Data Access Object?


How much gain in performance will I get if I write my number crunching routines in C instead of Visual Basic?


How do I play MID, WAV or other multimedia files?


How to find the current record position in data control?


How do I call help files from a VB program?


by writing MACRO CODE,i want to retrive data from one spead sheet to another UI (workbook). control will search cell by cell for each row and load the data in another workbook(UI). ex: custdetails custname lastname locaton mobile pincode custdetails raj tony hyd 555555 521245 servcreqrd srvce# srvcename location srvcepincode servcreqrd 754 drilling hyd 521784 for the above example in the another workbook retrive data like this custname Raj srvce# 754 srvcepincode 521784. while retrieving data control will search cell by cell for each row.


What is the need of tabindex property is label control?


what is the Difference between Recordset and Querydef?


Types of LockEdits in RDO.


What are the scope of the class?


Which method is preferred to save data like database to the disk?


What is meant by Establish Connection in RDO?


How would you create properties by using class Builder Wizard?


How do I implement an accelerator key for a text box?