Visual Basic Interview Questions
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How to set a shortcut key for label?

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Name the four different cursor and locking types in ADO ?

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List out the ADO objects?

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What two methods are called from the ObjectContext object to inform MTS that the transaction was successful or unsuccessful?

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What is the benefit of wrapping database calls into MTS transactions?

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How would you declare and raise custom events in a class?

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What is the difference between a Property Let and Property Set procedure?

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What is the difference between ANSI and UNICODE strings when passed as arguments to a DLL?

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What is the difference in passing values ByRef or ByVal to a procedure?

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What is the purpose of the DoEvents command?

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Name and define the logical tiers in a traditional 3-tiered architecture?

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What is the difference between a PictureBox and Image control?

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Under which circumstance does a VB application ignore a Timer event?

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What does the NewIndex property return?

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What is the purpose of the ClipControls property on a form or container?

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Is it possible to Access BackEnd procedures?


Types of cursors in DAO?


How to find the current record position in data control?


How do I call help files from a VB program?


What is the use of OLE?


How do I do Peek and Poke and other low-level stuff?


VB ActiveX: Create a "drivelist"(D1) box, a "folderlistbox"(FLD1) that changes whenever D1 is changed , and a "FilelistBox"(FIL1) that is populated with the file lists under the selected directory in (D1).The file selected is stored in a variable "filename" along with the path. Question: How to use this activeX control in VC++ to get the selected filename?


by writing MACRO CODE,i want to retrive data from one spead sheet to another UI (workbook). control will search cell by cell for each row and load the data in another workbook(UI). ex: custdetails custname lastname locaton mobile pincode custdetails raj tony hyd 555555 521245 servcreqrd srvce# srvcename location srvcepincode servcreqrd 754 drilling hyd 521784 for the above example in the another workbook retrive data like this custname Raj srvce# 754 srvcepincode 521784. while retrieving data control will search cell by cell for each row.


What are the important components of OLEDB?


___ argument can be used to make a menuitem into bold.


What is instantiating?


____ is the difference between Listindex and Tab index.


Is the Access Engine and Visual Basic Pro good enough for database work?


How do I make an animated icon for my program?


Is it possible to call oracle database through ADO control or Object?